What Drives You to Run? | Tyler Koronich

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | September 25, 2018
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In 2013, we interviewed participants in that year’s Detroit Free Press Marathon to find out what drives them to run. This year, we interviewed three new participants in the Marathon.

Tyler Koronich isn’t your average physical fitness trainer. Koronich is the CEO and founder of Trv Fit Fitness, which has locations across Michigan, including one in Detroit. As someone who felt like he had fallen behind in his fitness goals, Koronich saw the Detroit Free Press Marathon as a way for him to commit to new goals.

He is constantly motivated by his “Trv Fit family” as they see the progress he makes in his training, knowing that running is not something that comes easily to him. Find out more about how he stays motivated and committed to running 26.2 miles for the Detroit Free Press Marathon in this video. Then, follow Tyler’s journey in the weeks leading up to the Marathon by checking out his video blog here every week.

Tyler’s Vlog Updates:

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