Where Are They Now? Catching Up With the 2013 Detroit Free Press Marathon Participants

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | September 5, 2018
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In 2013, your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers interviewed five participants in the Detroit Free Press Half-Marathon, asking them what drives them to run. We caught up with three of those runners — Catherine, Jessica and Shawn — today, in 2018, to see if they still have the drive to run.

Whether it was the strength gained from physical fitness or a healthy way to process grief, these women were drawn to running for their own reasons. Through it, they were able to overcome the stresses of their lives, big or small. They all credit running with improving their health, their level of fitness and their ability to lead a wholesome life.

But, it has been a journey for each of them. To see their journeys, please click on Catherine, Jessica or Shawn’s photo below.


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