Where Are They Now? Catching Up with Jessica Paciorek

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | September 5, 2018
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In 2013, your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers interviewed five participants in the Detroit Free Press Half-Marathon, asking them what drives them to run. We caught up with three of those people — Jessica, Catherine and Shawn — today, in 2018, to see if they still have the drive to run.

When we spoke to Jessica in 2013, her drive to run came from the sense of fulfillment she got from it.

“I felt so much stronger and happier,” she said then.

That sense of strength inspired her to seek out other forms of exercise in addition to running. She purchased a new bike and began riding it as much as possible. She changed her diet in order to improve her workouts.

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The question is, is Jessica still running today and if so, what drives her to run now? Find out in the video above.