Where Are They Now? Catching Up with Shawn Panter

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | September 5, 2018
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In 2013, your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers interviewed five participants in the Detroit Free Press Half-Marathon, asking them what drives them to run. We caught up with three of those people — Jessica, Catherine and Shawn — today, in 2018, to see if they still have the drive to run.

In speaking with Shawn in 2013, we learned very quickly what drives this mother of two to run. Just one month after losing her husband, Shawn started training for her first race, The Gift of Life Race. After one month of training, Shawn completed that race.

“The feeling that I got when I crossed the finish line was just amazing and I was hooked after that,” she said.

As we spoke to Shawn in 2013, she said she continues to run to be good a good role model for her two children and to maintain a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

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“With the grief, I’ve definitely had a lot of depression and anxiety. With running…it just helps me work through that,” she said.

We caught up with Shawn today, in 2018, to find out if she still has that drive to run. Listen to her story in the video above.