Where to Find The Hottest Spring Fashion

By: Karen Dybis | April 6, 2022

Detroiters are known for many qualities, and if you know this city well enough, you know that fashion is certainly one of them. Whether we’re dining out or hanging out at the local coffee house, we always dress to impress. Throw in a big event or holiday, and the style gets turned up to 11.

Detroit retailers know they have to shop well and often to keep up with the way Detroiters like to set and beat the national trends. This is a city and metro area that has a lot of discretionary income, and folks are willing to spend it on quality clothing, smart tailoring and impressive accessories. There’s a reason downtown is getting its own Gucci store.

If you go shopping for clothing, jewelry or shoes in Detroit, be prepared to spend the day bopping from one store to the next. There are established shopping districts where you can find high-end brands as well as mom-and-pop shops that will soon be known across the state. Some, like Detroit vs. Everybody, have already become household names.

When you are looking for special-occasion clothing or your Easter best, call ahead and see what they have in the store. Some of these retailers are now stocking more casual clothing because of the past two years of staying inside, but their staff and personal shoppers will be willing to put something together for you if they have time to prepare. 

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Here are some Metro Detroit retail stores and downtown locations where you can find the latest fashions.

Three Thirteen

There’s a good reason why this store is located on Livernois, which is known in the city of Detroit as the Avenue of Fashion. Named after Detroit’s well-known telephone area code, this store calls itself “Detroit’s Brand Name,” bringing in the style and swagger the city is known for across the world. The clothing is mostly focused on casual and streetwear, but you can put together an outfit that will turn heads in any room.

Bird Bee

Located inside the Albert, this upscale and fashionable store carries clothing that makes you stand out for all of the best reasons. Its clothing feels like it comes straight off of the runway and onto the shelves, so Detroiters and visitors alike can feel their best and look like they stepped out of a magazine. The styling is young, fresh and interesting. 


Men who want to focus on creating a personal style will love to shop at this Woodward Avenue store. Bonobos brought the best from its online store to this physical location, taking its tailored and quality pieces into real men’s hands. You can find everything from suits and blazers to casual shirts and chinos, so you’re prepared for a wedding or a friend’s backyard party. 


If you want to make sure you show up to the wedding or brunch wearing something that only you possess, then you will want to shop at Frida. This women’s clothing store is known for having specialty brands that are unique only to its location. Its clothing ranges from humorous t-shirts to dresses to high-end outfits for any get-together. 

Good Neighbor

If you don’t know what to wear and want someone to show you the latest spring styles, Good Neighbor is the right place to visit. It always has the outfits of the season, showing off the latest trends alongside some traditional classics if you need to complete an outfit for a special occasion. Its overall vibe is relaxed, but you can work with the staff to put together something stunning as well.