Whimsy Royal Oak: Pinterest Comes to Life!

By: Toni Cunningham | December 28, 2012
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The only reason I haven’t joined Pinterest is because I know I’ll get hooked, thus causing me to kiss my leisure time goodbye. I’ve occasionally perused recipes and hairstyles on the site, but I know well enough to stay far away to avoid getting sucked in.

Whimsy, 1800 W. 14 Mile Rd., Royal Oak, is essentially a Pinterest board come to life, and just as enticing. The name really does explain it all, as the store allows local artists to showcase and sell their unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, while giving patrons the opportunity to purchase said items.

The store features pieces from over 30 local artists in various mediums. Keep in mind, the art, gifts and home goods sold at Whimsy aren’t mass-produced, so if you come across something you like, get it before it’s gone! As I was poring over the website, one piece instantly caught my eye. An artist restored a Yashica-12 camera into a business card holder—incredibly creative, and the perfect novelty for a photographer.

As someone who spends her summers bouncing from art fair to art fair, giving artists a permanent space to display and sell their work sounds like a great idea. There’s a reason art fairs don’t happen during the winter months!

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Whimsy offers a variety of art classes for both adults and children, and at $15-$20 a pop, they’re very reasonably priced. Upcoming two-hour classes include Alternative Gift Wrapping, Holiday Treats and Glass Jewelry.

The artsy consignment shop is also featuring special events during the holiday season, including a Holiday Open House on Thursday, December 20. Hint, hint—this will provide the perfect opportunity to get your last minute shopping done.

Instead of trolling the Internet next time you’re itching for craft ideas, step away from the World Wide Web and head to Whimsy!