You’re Getting Sleepy

By: Karen Dybis | March 16, 2020
Napping Products

Photo Courtesy of The Rendezvous with Tea.

You survived the winter. You made it through Daylight Saving Time. But all of that fresh air from finally getting outside is starting to catch up with you. You likely need a nap.

That tired feeling begs the question: What kind of things does one need to establish the perfect napping situation? How do you prepare yourself for the ultimate nap? That is where Metro Detroit’s many nap-friendly retail stores come in. 

No, the store owners don’t want you to nap there. But you can come by to purchase the products and services that may make for better daytime sleep, and that is half of the battle of getting a great nap. You’ll need things like weighted blankets, black-out curtains, lavender spray and other necessities to get you in the sleeping mood as well as prepare the room for the perfect afternoon snooze. 

Rachel Lutz, proprietress of The Peacock Room, said she has a great selection of neck pillows that are ideal for napping at home or, in case you’re traveling, in the car or on the airplane. You’re looking for comfort here as well as being stylish, and The Peacock Room as well as its sister boutique stores – Yama and Frida – have a variety of great-looking tools perfect for napping ready for purchase. 

Here are some other suggestions for where to go to find the best things to prep yourself for a few extra hours of shut eye:

Peacock Room

One of the hardest things about napping is finding a way to avoid the daylight, which can make it harder to fall asleep. That is where having a thick, luxurious eye mask is handy. You slip this silky material over your eyes, and you’ll be lights out in minutes. The Peacock Room has a variety of beautiful eye masks that not only help you sleep but make sure you look fab doing it. 


This clever shop has a variety of sleeping aides on site that will prepare you for any nap. There are smelling salts, which aim to help you set the mood for a good, short snooze. The “Relax” formula should do the trick. Urbanium and this kind of aromatherapy is sure to create a room where you can drift off without focusing on the stuff you’re probably supposed to be doing instead of sleeping.

Rendezvous with Tea

If you drink too much coffee in the morning, then a great afternoon nap may be out of the question. To calm your mind and focus on rest, try a great cup of tea. It warms you without overheating you as well. This Grosse Pointe Woods tea shop gets raves from locals, and it carries a variety of tea flavors. Try the Turmeric Gold, which advertises its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. Pair it with some raw honey for a truly soothing experience.

City Bird

This Detroit shop is known for its housewares, so it is the ideal spot to find the stuff you’ll need to rest well and often. Grab a cozy sweatshirt that advertises your love of Detroit. Pick up a pillow that highlights the beauty of the Detroit riverfront. City Bird also has a wide selection of scarves, which you can wrap around you so you can drift off for hours and hours. 

Savvy Chic

If you feel good, then you likely will look good and nap well. That is why the great shoppers at Savvy Chic in Detroit’s Eastern Market carry everything you need to dress to the nines and sleep until the late afternoon. You can pick up a wide array of napping accessories here, including scented candles, reading glasses, wine goblets if you care to indulge as well as warm sweaters.

Please exercise caution when in shared spaces, and shop online whenever possible.