1990s Punk Gets a Sweet New Sound with Detroit’s Electric Honey

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | May 6, 2019
Electric Honey

Photo Courtesy of Electric Honey

Mixing early 1990s indie-rock with hard-hitting guitar riffs, rich vocal harmonies, and complex violin string arrangements, Electric Honey has created one of the most unique sounds in Metro Detroit.

The five-piece band has been playing for the better part of seven years since they started jamming in one of their parents’ basement. Their experience in various music competitions throughout the Midwest has allowed them to blend multiple styles together, which they have mastered over the years.

You could classify Electric Honey as alternative rock, but that feels like an over-simplification. The band features guitars, drums, and keys, but they also mix in mandolins, ukuleles, trumpets, and violin arrangements to make for a sweet rocking sound.

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“We like to live between intricate, delicate instrumental parts with harmonies and unruly, gritty guitars. Sometimes it’s electric, sometimes it’s honey,” Evan Gatny, guitarist and keyboardist, said.

Electric Honey draws inspiration from bands such as Radiohead, Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, Built to Spill and other 1990s post-punk rock bands. The band honored one Detroit’s most influential rock bands at this year’s Detroit by Detroit festival where they covered the music of The White Stripes. Chris Righi, the band’s violinist, said that the experience felt like a celebration of past and present Detroit music and they felt honored to be a part of it.

“Covering their music gave us a chance to be [loud], but to also incorporate our own style in a way that still keeps the songs very close to original form,” Righi said. “We enjoyed that challenge and had a great time playing in front of an extremely energetic crowd.”

The band was excited to celebrate the music of Detroit because it has helped shape who they are and what their sound is like. Lead guitarist Patrick Minjeur said that the Detroit scene is very familial and that has helped them grow over the years.

“It all starts with sharing the same desire to be immersed in music and to be a part of a community that keeps providing a space for musicians to feel safe,” Minjeur said.

Electric Honey has a show at the Old Miami taking place on Saturday, May 18. The band will be joined by Tryancareagain and Mega Weedge, and will be the band’s final performance for a while as they plan to hunker down and crank out a new album.

“At our upcoming show at Old Miami, you can expect us to deliver the same high-octane performance people expect from Electric Honey,” Minjeur said. “We will be playing songs from previous albums, we’ll give a taste of the new album, and we may sprinkle in a few fun covers.”

You can keep up with everything Electric Honey has coming up by checking out their Facebook page, along with finding all their music on Spotify and their YouTube channel.