A Childhood Struggle Overcome Through Beatboxing

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | September 30, 2019
Stevie Soul

Photo Credit: David Tappan

Beatboxing is a talent and skill that not every person or musician can master, but for Stevie Soul, it has helped him make his dream a reality.

The Redford raised performer was born with a stuttering disorder. As a kid, he struggled saying the words that came to his mind, which led to unusual sounds coming out of his mouth. Soul eventually learned how to turn those sounds into beats and patterns. Not only did this help him learn sentence structure, but it helped him find an internal rhythm and a way to express himself.

Soul said that this childhood struggle helped him realize that he had one true talent: beatboxing. He became obsessed with recreating sounds and instruments with his mouth. Kids would sing over his rap beats in school, and when he got older, he got a microphone and a guitar loop pedal, allowing him to start singing and scatting over those beats.

This new-found technique opened the door to many possibilities for Soul, including collaborating with artists who specialize in a variety of genres ranging from classical to hip-hop and seemingly everything else in between. Soul said that he loves the freedom beatboxing gives him and that although he is still a person who stutters, that’s become a smaller part of his story.

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“While fighting to speak, I discovered my art. That led to a dream of becoming a professional musician,” Soul said. “Today, I’m proud to say that I am a musician and my art is what defines me, not my stutter.”

Stevie Soul

Photo Credit: David Tappan

Stevie Soul’s range of talent is on full display at his shows where he performs classics, top 40 hits, R&B, or even TV show themes depending on the gig. His own music tends to be more personal and he’s currently working on new tracks while gigging around town. 

“My original music explores the emotions, anxiety, regret and gratitude in life. Overall I love collaboration and improvisation and try to do that as much as possible,” Soul said.

Soul added that Metro Detroit’s music history is like no other and has looked up to artists such as Dilla, Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder, Mike Posner, Big Sean, and so many more. Between the blossoming musical talent and overall vibe of the area, Metro Detroit has helped Soul become the artist he is today.

“I’ve come to love the four seasons, with each season comes a new feel and vibe. I really draw on that,” Soul said.

Stevie Soul recently released his latest song, “Up All Night,” which is his second single following, “Breathe.” You can find more information on upcoming shows on his website and Instagram page.