A Visit With The Pop Project

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | June 29, 2011
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The Pop Project is a charming band, with a hint of whimsical thrown in, that has stood the test of time in musical terms.  Having formed over ten years ago, this is one band that knows who they are and what they are all about.  A mix of indie, pop and R & B with a bit of an 80’s flair thrown in, The Pop Project satisfies a large range of musical tastes.  They offer a little something for everyone.

One of the nicest groups of guys you will ever meet, The Pop Project consists of Zach Curd (vocals, keyboard), Dave Lawson (vocals, guitar), Adam Kempa (drums) and Will Yates (vocals, bass).  The entire band was either born or raised in Michigan.  However, it was through Dave and his connections that the band came to be.  All of the members had met Dave at some point in their lives, and in the words of Zach, “he then tricked us all into being in the band with him.  He was the ‘connecter’ with a salesman’s easy patter and a twinkling charm in his eye”.  Through these friendships a band was born.

And what a band they are.  They have released three albums to date.  Let’s Eat Green Beans (2001) and Life is Life (2003).  However, it was with a bit of perfectionism in their spirits, the guys spent 4 years making their 2008 album Stars of Stage and Screen. A meticulously made album with each track bringing its own unique sound and elements, it really is a fantastic compilation of songs.  Every time you think you know what kind of music to expect from them, a new track starts and you hear something completely different.  With influences ranging from The Beatles to Depeche Mode to Stevie Wonder, the group has diverse musical tastes and this shines through in their own music.  They find inspiration for their lyrics through their every day lives.  Life, love and fun… all of the necessary ingredients for a good pop song are what you will get.  However, you will also find the occasional song that encompasses a bit more, such as “Totally Awesome”, the journey of a caterpillar metamorphosizing into a butterfly.  The beauty and wonder of life is not lost on The Pop Project.

The guys certainly are hard working and have their more serious moments, but they also are free spirited and love what they do.  They truly enjoy the process of writing and recording songs as well as the art of taking those tunes live to the stage.  They describe their fans base as “committed music nerds” and they themselves are never one to shy away from a corny joke or two on stage or poking fun at each other.  This is a refreshing take on the ever serious business of making music.  As of late, their work has been featured in Metro Detroit Chevy Dealer’s advertising campaign, In the D. The Pop Project is a group that has stayed together longer than most and is still producing entertaining, unique, quality music.  Certainly one of Detroit’s best, The Pop Project will lift your spirits with every moment you listen.

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