All Eyes are Set on The Sights

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | March 22, 2012
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Kick back, relax and take a minute to listen to the music… That is the philosophy of The Sights, a rock and roll band that has become a staple on the Detroit music scene.  These laid back, down to earth guys have a few simple principles that they live by; make great music, have a good time and stick to what you do best.

This has not always been easy for The Sights. They released their first album back in 2000 when lead singer Eddie Baranek was just 19 years old. He remembers how it was hard for the band to find their niche. “We’ve always stood out. We’re too pop for the rock crowd, too rock for the pop crowd, not enough country for the Americana scene, and when we started out we were too young.”  The odds seemed to be against them.

And though it has not always been easy, The Sights have persevered and have released 3 more albums since that first one back in 2000 and have a 5th due out this summer. With their relentless touring over the past decade, they have gained quite a following across the country. They play their own style of rock music. Not too hard and with just the right amount of pop and soul added to it. Being self admitted “record dorks”, the group has spent countless hours obsessing over 45’s and LPs and this shows in their music. They take pride in what they do. It is not just something thrown together and put out there. “Think more songs you whistle, the first time you kissed a girl, etc.” Eddie says.

The Sights are composed of Eddie Baranek on guitar and vocals, Jarrod Champion on keys, Skip Denomme behind the drums and Dean Tartaglia on the sax. Except for Dean, who hails from Ohio, the rest of the group were born and raised on the East side of Michigan. The guys all met via the Detroit music scene. As Eddie recalls, “I’ve met most of my close friends through the music scene in Detroit. It is a healthy, vibrant, and ridiculously talented pool to work with.”

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Whether it is wild times on the road (think more than a few trashed hotel rooms), or writing songs that speak volumes to their fans, The Sights have always strived to make great music and have a good time while doing it. They love touring, love meeting the fans and believe that every person should tour the US at least one time in their life.

However, it is not just that their music is catchy. It also speaks to the listener and gets them to feel things that they might not even know are there. Eddie recalled a time when being interviewed over seas, that the interviewer confided to him how a song he had written helped him cope with his brother’s death. That is the feeling, the emotion that this band can evoke.

Music is not something that The Sights take lightly. This is what they have chosen to do with their lives, for the rest of their lives. They already have a summer tour set up with Tenacious D and their 5th album ready to go. They were also recently featured in the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealer’s In The D campaign. Life is good for The Sights and they have set their sights set on a future filled with music.

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