Bust Out of Your Musical Rut with Detroit’s own Bus Stop Poets!

By: Toni Cunningham | November 16, 2012
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If you’re growing tired of your standard playlist and tried and true iTunes library, now is the time to bust out of your musical rut. And what better way to do so than by checking out an up-and-coming local band?

Bus Stop Poets are a rock band composed of Detroit natives John Mabilia (guitars, vocals), John Edick (bass, vocals) and Randy Nelson (drums, percussion). Their sound is reminiscent of John Mayer and The Raconteurs, which is evident in their single, “Beautiful Day.”

The band has been finding success quickly, as it just formed in spring of this year. After their single was released, they were signed with The WHOA Label, and their debut album, “Repair the Monster,” is due out in December. Talk about a whirlwind rise to the top!

Nelson says the band is enjoying all aspects of what comes with the territory—including creating, writing, rehearsing, recording, and playing gigs. And as they are fairly new to the scene, the band’s fan base is small but growing, and fiercely loyal.

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“Some of our songs are written from deep in our core, some feature characters that are purely fiction, and some are simply fun little ditties to sing and play,” Nelson said. “There’s certainly a story behind each one.”

That inspiration comes from all over, including the band’s families, loved ones and heroes—musicians and otherwise.

“We are influenced by a broad spectrum of music and bands like Wilco, Gomez, Weezer, Ween, Steely Dan, The Minutemen and The Beatles, of course,” Nelson said.

Nelson hopes that as the band releases its first album, they get the opportunity to tour more extensively, and even place songs in commercials, advertisements and soundtracks.

Now that they’re living their dreams of making music, Nelson has a piece of advice for aspiring musicians: never give up.

“It’s true, if you make music your life, it will be in your life on one level or another no matter what… unless you let it go,” Nelson said. “All three of us have made the mistake of putting it down for periods of time, but at this point, we all know it’s one of the keys to happiness.”

While you’re waiting for the album to drop later this year, take a listen to Bus Stop Poet’s single, “Beautiful Day” on ReverbNation, and keep up with the latest news by following the band on Twitter @busstoppoets.