Classic Rock Gets a New Sound with The Scrappers’ Debut Album

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | June 10, 2019
The Scrappers

Photo Credit: Trever Long.

Blending Americana sounds with rock ’n roll riffs and sweet harmonies, The Scrappers are looking to bring a “back to basics” approach to rock music in Detroit.

The Scrappers have been performing at barn parties and throwing jam sessions in basements since 2014. Each member of the quartet rock band has experience in the Detroit music scene with other groups such as The Sights, Pop Project, Doop & the Inside Outlaws and more.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Eddie Baranek was the lead singer of The Sights, which garnered a large following in the Detroit music scene. The successful garage rock band started in the summer of 1998 and shared the stage with the likes of Robert Plant, Tenacious D, The White Stripes and many others.

The Scrappers features a more stripped down rock sound and Baranek said that when the group came together they really understood each other’s strengths based off their experiences.

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“We like to say our band’s sound is sorta rooftop-Beatles and sometimes straight-up rock ’n roll. Your dad probably digs us,” Baranek said.

That straight-up rock ’n roll sound will be on full display when the band releases their debut album on Saturday, June 15. The album is inspired by the band’s performances at a barn party every year where they have been performing since 2014. It also represents the best aspects of the band which includes the real, alt-country rock sound.

The Scrappers Music Monday

Photo Credit: Trever Long.

“We are proud of our first album and happy to be a part of the New Fortune Records roster,” Baranek said. “The album was recorded with not many overdubs and has a ‘real’ feel to it.”  

The Scrappers will be celebrating the record’s release with a special performance at The Parliament Room on Saturday, June 15. The quartet will welcome special guests Early Jones and Don Duprie to join in on the party.

The band will be touring the east coast this summer in support of their new record, which you can keep up with on their Facebook page. Information on their new record and music can be found on their website and Spotify page.