These Detroit Record Stores Will Spin You Right ‘Round

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | August 26, 2019
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Photo courtesy of Hello Records.

Today, in the age of internet music streaming and smartphones with hundreds of gigabytes of music at your fingertips, it’s good to be reminded of what is lost in the digital age. There’s nothing quite like hearing the sound of your favorite artist coming through a record player. From the pop of a needle dropping onto the record to the mesmerizing effect of watching the record spin, vinyl records are a medium of music that may never go away. And, for as long as vinyl records will have its fans, they will need fine stores like these, to keep them supplied. It may not be Record Store Day but it’s still an excellent time to check out a few of metro Detroit’s favorite record stores!

Found Sound

Located in downtown Ferndale, Found Sound features a wide selection of records to choose from and every Friday sees the addition of brand new records available for purchase. Keep an eye on their Facebook page to know what’s coming to the store each week and when you can stop by to purchase concert tickets without any fees!

Found Sound Ferndale

Photo courtesy of Found Sound.

Hello Records

Hello Records in Corktown isn’t just a record store. They also carry audio equipment and music memorabilia from decades past thanks to years of buying records and more from sellers from metro Detroit and beyond. For music fans, it’s truly a remarkable place to check out because you never know what you might stumble across while you’re looking for your favorite band’s limited edition release.

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Record Graveyard

While its name might imply otherwise, Record Graveyard is actually where records go to keep on spinning. Located in Hamtramck, this store has been buying old records long enough to have built an incredible selection of music. They also have an Ebay store page where you can look through their collection before heading out to their store or simply order directly from their page. It really is an impressive collection that spans all genres.

Detroit Threads

Detroit Threads primarily caters to the electronic music fans of the city, but they aren’t exclusive in that regard. You can still find a slew of records from other genres. In some cases, new records have exclusively been sold at Detroit Threads, and artists have been inclined to stop by the store especially around Movement, Detroit’s annual electronic music festival.

Paramita Sound

After a successful round of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the folks at Paramita Sound have been hard at work on their new location at 1515 Broadway St. in Detroit. The funding was necessary in order for the team to renovate their new space and actually pay artists to perform music at their shop. Word has it that the new store will also feature a bar for drinks to enjoy while you jam out to fresh tunes.