Detroit’s Own Death Returns with Special Performance at Deluxx Fluxx

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | April 22, 2019
Death at Deluxx Fluxx

Photo Credit: Samdarko Eltosam

Detroit’s history is full of stories of legendary rock bands, but none are quite as unique as Death’s.

Death has been around since 1971 with their music being classified as proto-punk, a genre that was not popular in that decade. The three Hackney brothers – David, Dannis, and Bobby – kept the band up until 1980, but their music never caught on. The band decided to rebrand itself in 1980 as The 4th Movement, which was similar but with more of a traditional rock n’ roll sound.

Over 35 years after Death had moved on from its proto-punk roots, the band was rediscovered and in retrospect, they were considered ahead of their time. In 2009, the band’s 1970s demo was released and people realized how visionary the band really was. David passed away seven years prior, but Bobby and Dannis, along with guitarist Bobbie Duncan, perform as Death today.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the discovery of the band’s 1975 LP “For the Whole World To See,” which historians credit as proto-punk sound five years before punk music had its huge movement in the 1980s. This lead to the band being inducted into the new Smithsonian African American History Museum in Washington D.C. and the subject matter of the acclaimed documentary, A Band Called Death.

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The tenth anniversary of this discovery has led Death to perform a series of special performances throughout 2019, including a performance in their hometown. They will hit the stage at Deluxx Fluxx on Sunday, April 28.

“Glad to be invited back to Detroit to perform at Deluxx Fluxx. When we were growing up in Detroit, Downtown Library street was one of our hang-outs. It’s great to see a fun, new place there for the Detroit music scene. We do intend to rock this place, and do our Detroit proud,” the band said in a statement.


Photo Credit: Samdarko Eltosam

The performance is part of the band’s Final Curtain Tour 2019 which will have them performing in New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Columbus. Their Detroit show will take place at Deluxx Fluxx, one of Detroit’s most unique concert venues that has been recently renovated with a bright decor to match its fun concerts.

The underground music venue features an eye-popping black light room that is covered with original glow-in-the-dark posters that are influenced by punk, graffiti, and arcade culture. It’s the perfect venue for a classic Detroit punk band to make its return back home.

You can find more information on the upcoming Death concert at Deluxx Fluxx on both the event’s Facebook page and Eventbrite page. To follow everything Death is doing, be sure to visit their website and Facebook page. All of Deluxx Fluxx’s upcoming concerts can be found here.