Eminem to Kid Rock: Through The Lens of Jeremy Deputat

By: Toni Cunningham | July 17, 2014
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What do Kid Rock, Eminem and 50 Cent have in common? Apart from being rich and famous musicians, all three have been captured for a moment in time through the lens of photographer (and Detroit native) Jeremy Deputat.

A portrait and travel photographer, Deputat will put his works (some instantly recognizable, some never before seen) on display with his first ever personal exhibition, “Nothing is Forever,” at Eastern Market’s Inner State Gallery, located at 1410 Gratiot Ave., Detroit.

“Nothing Is Forever” debuts to the public on Friday, July 18, with a welcoming reception from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., and the exhibition runs through Friday, August 15.

Deputat has captured famous musicians and countless cities, but has always returned to his hometown of Detroit. He thought it was only appropriate to showcase his very first solo exhibition in the city he calls home. EMINEM-RICKRUBIN-JEREMYDEPUTAT (1)

horse views with silverado

From farm work to heavy lifting, the Chevy Silverado is built to tackle the toughest tasks with ease.

“This city is like a Hollywood back lot, but 100 times better,” Deputat said. “You can’t even create this s**t if you wanted to. There is so much history, texture and color that you can’t find anywhere… Detroit is like no other city in the entire world, and I’ve been to quite a few of them!”

Throughout the past 10 years, Deputat has had his photographs featured on the covers and in the pages of magazines like Rolling Stone, Spin, ESPN The Magazine and Billboard. Last year, Deputat released a book chronicling the life of fellow Detroiter, Kid Rock, on a recent summer tour. “I’m Kid Rock, What’s Your Excuse” was a huge success, containing approximately 600 photographs of the star in his natural habitat.

With such a long and successful career, why did Deputat wait so long to showcase his art? While he’s previously shown his work in a few group exhibitions in Los Angeles, this will be his first solo show. In his own words, Deputat said that he’s never been too excited about showing his work, and he prefers to create, put his work out there and move on to the next project. Over the years, he’s had countless requests to host an exhibit of his work, and he’s always turned them down—until now.

“I just would rather be creating. Finally, I was like, ‘Okay, let’s do it, let’s do it.’ It just made sense for me to do it with Inner State, rather than another gallery in New York or Los Angeles,” Deputat said. “I’ve known those guys (at Inner State) for 20 years and it just made sense. At least for this initial exhibition, I wanted to kick it off in Detroit. This is my home and the city that made me.”PARIS-JEREMYDEPUTAT

Nothing is forever, but Deputat’s talent sure is.

For more details on the exhibition, visit http://nothing-is-forever.com, or see more of Deputat’s artwork and keep up with the latest via his official website, www.jeremydeputat.com.