Getting strange with The Strange

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | June 11, 2012
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When setting up an interview with Brent McKay of The Strange, I hardly knew what to expect. Brent is a character with a wicked sense of humor and getting a straight answer from him turned out to be no easy task. After having conducted the interview, I had a new understanding for the term difficult. Funny, definitely, but also a little tough to get to know. Here is a sampling of the interview with McKay.

So began the interview. The first questions were easy…

A: Who are the members of The Strange?
B: Erik Nordin, Brent McKay, James Simonson and Brett Lucas

A: Are you all originally from Michigan?
B: Yes!

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Then things took a turn in a direction that only someone with quick wit and an obscure sense of humor could take it…

A: How did you get started playing together?
B: We were all in Lamaze class together with our significant others and just really needed an excuse to get away from the ball and chain.

A: How would you describe your music?
B: Rock, alternative, folk, etc. RAWWK.

A: What is unique about your band?
B: We prefer to wear girl’s underwear on stage.

A: Describe your fan base.
B: Old women, mostly overweight or men with mild to extreme personality disorders.

A: What do you want people to know the most about The Strange?
B: We look great on stage but we’re actually just lip-synching.

A: Where do you want the band to go (ie, where do you see the band in 5 Years)?
B: Love a chance to play Nebraska or Idaho state fairs.

Never a straight answer certainly, but never a dull moment either. That is kind of what you get when you go to see The Strange in concert. Whether they are rocking out or taking it to the mellower side of things, there is never a let down with the array of music they produce.

And truthfully, The Strange are very diverse in their music catalog. They can rock out with the best of them and many of their songs are straight up rock and roll. However, they incorporate blues, soul and even touches of punk into their music. Then there are songs like Waiting for the Sun, that touch on something even deeper. They stir something inside and make you want the song to go on and on. Soulful, well written and masterfully performed… it is just a great tune! So many of their songs are like that. Each one holding its own tiny secret for you to figure out.

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And you cannot let the tongue in cheek fool you; The Strange are the real deal. Hard working, extremely talented and dedicated to what they do. You cannot take any of what they say too seriously, as they really love to have a good time. But the hard facts are that they can play music and they can play it really well!

You can catch The Strange this summer playing several festivals around the Metro Detroit Area. You can also find them at some of their favorite local haunts such as Pj’s Lager House, Park Bar, The Majestic Theatre and others.

To hear The Strange’s music check in to WDET, specifically Ann Delisi on Saturday and Sunday and Jon Moshier Modern Music on Friday and Saturday. You can also find them at and on Facebook at