Glossies… Polished to Shine

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | November 29, 2012
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Proud members of the Detroit music community, Glossies are making a name for themselves across the state and beyond! This four-man pop band, born and raised in the Metro Detroit Area, has been playing together for the better part of the last decade. They have garnered a lot of attention and have become an integral part of the Detroit music scene.

Not your typical “pop” group, Glossies focus not only on creating music, but creating really GREAT music. They are very song oriented. Whether it is heavy, sensitive or beautiful, the focus is on creating a song that will “communicate an idea successfully to a diverse audience.” said Glossies front man, Scott Masson. “Songwriting is a classic art form that we hold very dear to our hearts.”

It is tough to pigeonhole Glossies into just one category. They don’t really fit into the landscape of American Pop Music. Rather, their music is more all encompassing. They write songs based on their experiences. Nothing is fictitious or contrived. They are all about being real, keeping it simple and finding inspiration from this weird world in which we live. They want to challenge listeners to feel something true and honest.

Glossies members are Scott Masson (guitar, piano, vocals), Kip Donlon (bass, vocals), Fabian Halbou (guitar) and Jeff Supina (drums). They also have other people who will drop by to lend their talent when in the studio. The chemistry and camaraderie of the band mates is one of the things that make Glossies so dynamic. As Masson explains, “Everyone has their own life experience and creative vision that they bring to the table, so the outcome is always a pleasant surprise.” They take serious pride in what they do, reveling in the creative process and the quality recordings that they produce.

Another interesting and somewhat different aspect of Glossies is their approach to the promotion of their music. Though they utilize social media and other sources, this is not a band that you will find heralding their message to the masses. They will not be tweeting their every thought, or Facebooking every band photo. Instead, they take pride in being a band that does not over promote themselves. A philosophy instilled in him by his mom, Masson believes that you “don’t seek out your audience. You let them come to you.” Obviously this is working for Glossies as they are certainly gaining recognition around Detroit, Michigan and beyond.

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Fans can hear Glossies featured in the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers In The D campaign. You can also hear them at and find them on