Local Photographer Jason Feeny Creates an Artistic Glimpse into Detroit

By: Toni Cunningham | March 10, 2014
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Take a look at one of Jason Feeny’s photographs and you’ll assume he’s been perfecting his craft for years, perhaps even studying the art of capturing a moment in time at an expensive art school. The (somewhat shocking) reality is that Feeny picked up a DSLR camera for the first time merely three months ago.

The Metro Detroit native woke up early one Sunday morning to do some urban exploring with a friend and the rest is history. After catching a glimpse of the city from a Detroit rooftop that morning, Feeny was hooked.

“My mother had mentioned that she had a very nice camera that I could try out that was sitting in a closet because it was ‘too advanced’ for her skill level. I gave it a shot, and within three weeks I was camera shopping,” Feeny said, noting that he currently shoots with a Sony a65 DSLR. Jason 1

Unlike some photographers who approach each photo with a specific idea in mind, Feeny said he doesn’t have a particular plan or process while out shooting or when he’s processing his photos.

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“I just go with it,” Feeny said. “I like trying different angles and views I haven’t seen in photographs before. I just see the picture before I take it. It appears to me in a sense, like I can see how it’s going to turn out before I even point the camera.”

Having lived in the city itself and the surrounding area all his life, Feeny finds Detroit to be such great subject matter due to its history. Through all of its ups and downs, Detroit is still a great city with plenty to offer—including the riverfront, parks, historic buildings, cars, and some of the nation’s best sports teams.

“We’ve got auto shows, concerts, boat races, music fests and movie sets—something for every taste,” Feeny said. “Downtown business is booming as well. Where abandoned storefronts once stood, city blocks are packed with shops.”

There’s plenty to see and do in the city of Detroit, and Feeny hopes his photography will allow someone else to see the beauty through his eyes. Even though he’s new to the field, Feeny has found a passion for photography, one that consumes him. Picking up a camera changed his life, and Feeny has been receiving nothing but positive feedback.

“I see everything in a different light,” Feeny said. “It has brought color into everything. I see objects I would have never noticed before.”

Jason5Detroit’s rich history is where Feeny draws inspiration from, and watching the city flourish before his very eyes, as well as seeing the city come more alive each time he visits, gives him hope. Michigan Central Station is one of his favorite iconic buildings, since the iconic structure appears to be standing over the city.

“All the beautiful architecture in and around the city amazes me. It’s like stepping back in time to stare through my viewfinder. I can feel the hustle and bustle of a never-dying city. Through the trials and tribulations of Detroit, it has always been a landmark,” Feeny said.

Feeny’s photography can be viewed via his Facebook page, Feeny Photography, or on Instagram @feenyphotography. He also has a gallery of photos on the photography community website 500px. Feeny’s personal website will go live in a few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled! All of his photographs are available for purchase in any size, in both print and canvas form.

“I’d love nothing more than to see my photography inspire others,” Feeny said. It’s a goal he should have no trouble accomplishing.