Local Trio RoXxy Montana Takes the X Factor Stage by Storm

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | October 28, 2013
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Honestly, few things bring me more joy than seeing someone I know personally, accomplishing their dreams.  I am proud to say that the same girls I used to walk my high school hallways with are now singing on a national stage and becoming a crowd favorite on the Fox television show the X Factor.

Hailing from Wayne, the very beautiful and talented sisters, Tenija, Tiara and Temperance Moton, known as RoXxy Montana, are taking The X Factor stage by storm. After a somewhat shaky start due to technical difficulties, the sisters wowed the judges by singing in perfectly synchronized harmony during their second performance.

After their rendition of Michael Jackson’s hit, Man in the Mirror, the trio was chosen to move on to the top 16 by X Factor judge, Simon Cowell. They are one of just four groups picked to move on, with Cowell noting that he was “very impressed” with their talent.

“It feels like a dream,” says Temperance, when asked what the experience has been like so far. “It’s been beyond what we could have ever imagined. Having people notice you and know your name is insane,” she adds.

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As contestants on the show; RoXxy Montana is fortunate to have snagged Cowell as their mentor. With his helpful tips and suggestions, the group feels they are improving under his tutelage.

“Simon’s great and very very smart, especially when it comes to what it takes to make a great song and a great performance,” says the group. “He is tough on you, but sometimes it’s needed. He isn’t mean at all, even though he comes off that way on TV.”

RoXxy Montana is very grateful for their fans.  They are constantly reaching out to them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Google did a live Google+ Hangout with the girls and other X Factor hopefuls, which allowed the contestants to answer Twitter questions from fans.

The live shows start tonight at 8 p.m. This will be the first time the girls perform live in front of millions watching from home. Nerves will play a factor, but each of the three has a different perspective on it.

Tenija says that she is “extremely nervous,” but she is ready and looking forward to the opportunity.

Tiara on the other hand says she isn’t really all that nervous because she has been waiting for a moment like this all her life.

Temperance says she is more anxious than nervous. “Performing is the biggest rush for me and I can’t wait to go out there and have fun and let everyone else see why we deserve to be on the show. “

The contestants’ fate is decided by the judges in the first live show, but every show after that is fan-voted. Call me biased, but I know who I will be voting for come the live shows. It’s not every day I get to say this, but I have to take advantage when I can: Wayne Memorial Zebras pride!

For those of you out there who may be trying to make it in the music business, or achieve any other dream, the girls have a bit of advice to offer.

“Have patience, make sure it is something you are truly passionate about, and work hard,” says the group. “A dream will just stay a dream if you don’t go out there and make it happen. You’ll want to give up a lot, but if you really want it, it’s worth it.”

Be sure to tune in to support RoXxy Montana, as well as Jeff Gutt, another Detroit native competing for The X Factor title. The 37-year old, Gutt is on his second stint on the show and has made it into top 16 this time around. It is nice knowing that a city with such musical prowess and history like Detroit continues to shine.