Metro Detroit Music Stores Will Keep You Jamming

By: Aaron B. Cohen | June 16, 2021
Metro Detroit Music Stores

Photo courtesy of Detroit Guitar.

Looking for a new hobby? Few are as rewarding as learning to play a musical instrument. Whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned vet looking to upgrade your rig, Metro Detroit offers a variety of music stores that will get you on your way to pursuing your musical dreams.

Gordy’s Music

Located on Hilton Road in Ferndale’s west side, Gordy’s Music offers a unique selection of guitars, basses, effects and amplifiers along with full setup and repair services. Known for hosting the Michigan Guitar Show, Gordy has a keen eye for incredible, vintage guitars. You can find anything from a beginner axe to a collector’s dream. Because they specialize in buying and selling used instruments and gear, no two trips to the store are ever the same. Each visit brings new stock and new instruments to try out.

Detroit Guitar

In the heart of downtown Birmingham, Detroit Guitar is your first stop for new, high-end guitars and basses. The store is gorgeous aesthetically, featuring lush leather couches and walls adorned with instruments that doubly function as unique, inspiring décor. While they do carry used instruments and beginner guitars, they are especially valued as one of the area’s exclusive dealers of Gibson Acoustic, Taylor, Fender Custom Shop and Gretsch guitars along with boutique amps and effects pedals. Lessons are offered in soundproof studios in the back of the shop. Next time you find yourself shopping along Maple, stop in and see what all the hype is about.

Wallace Detroit Guitars

While Wallace Detroit Guitars does not have a storefront property, they are quickly gaining recognition as one of the region’s premier custom guitar builders. They use wood from historic Detroit buildings – the old fire station, for example – and repurpose it for their instruments. While aficionados will search far and wide for vintage guitars whose wood has aged into its prime, Wallace Detroit’s guitars are already there. You can purchase a pre-made instrument, or go online to custom build your own sonic masterpiece. 

Photo courtesy of Wallace Detroit Guitars.

Berkley Music Company

A mainstay of downtown Berkley, the Berkley Music Company offers a full selection of instruments and gear, along with lessons in piano, drums, guitar and bass. Their instructors are accomplished musicians and will offer insight not only in mastering your instrument but applying the skills in a professional setting. While you wait for your lesson, be sure to check out their amp room – a section of the store dedicated to boutique amplifiers where you can crank up the tone and experiment with the nuances of each amp’s specific sound.

Koontz Guitar Repair

Every musician knows that, inevitably, even the finest instruments can go out of whack. In Michigan especially, the constant change in temperature and humidity can cause wooden instruments to bow, making a once-perfect neck nearly impossible to play. Fear not. When it comes to music stores in Metro Detroit, we have Koontz Guitar Repair. Mike Koontz is a total expert in repairing, adjusting and restoring instruments to optimal performance. Want proof? Check out the reviews from grateful customers whose instruments he saved. Koontz keeps the D rocking no matter the weather.