Need New Music? Check Out These Songs from Local Musicians

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | December 7, 2020
New Music Guide

Photo Courtesy of Jacob Sigman.

Even though the local music industry has been hit hard in 2020 with the absence of live shows and performances, that hasn’t stopped artists creating new content for fans to enjoy. Whether it’s alternative rock, catchy pop hooks or a blend of the two, Metro Detroit musicians have been busy cranking out new tunes.

Here is a guide of new music from local artists to not only help you find your new favorite jams but to help Metro Detroit musicians during this time.

Anthony Retka

Detroit born-and-raised songwriter Anthony Retka has been in the music industry for the last 20 years and released his latest EP, “Never Has, Always Will,” this past May along with two singles, “Embraceable You” and “Moonglow,” in September. You can find his full discography on his Bandcamp page.


Christian Ohly has released two songs this past year, with his most recent debuting last week. “Light” tells the story of a relationship that he imagines most people have been in at some point of their life.

“I really try to write relatable, detailed lyrics and I’m happy how this song culminated to that goal. I’ve dreamed of having a cello on a song for years and finally made it happen with this one, which is probably the biggest element of the song I’m excited for,” Ohly said.

You can hear the song here and check out his Bandcamp page for more of his music.

Hard Car Kids

Hard Car Kids, a new collaboration of Detroit artists, is set to release a new single off their forthcoming album next week. Local musician and singer for Hard Car Kids Jacob Sigman said that the group met last year and hit it off by writing and recording two songs in one night.

“All the members of Hard Car Kids are extraordinary musicians and have successful careers of their own. It’s an amazing experience working with them and learning from their talent,” Sigman said.

You can stream music from Hard Car Kids here.

Cam Navetta

Acoustic singer and songwriter Cam Navatte released a brand new EP this past April titled Anabaptism. The EP explores personal themes such as alcoholism, mental health struggles and religious questioning. You can stream the album on his Bandcamp page.

Extra Arms

Extra Arms has had a busy 2020 with multiple releases over the summer and fall months. Singer Ryan Allen even released a solo album that he wrote and recorded by himself when the stay-at-home orders were announced in March.

“It was really a labor of love, and a fun challenge to take things from the basement to wax in a really short period of time. If you like home-recorded classics like Guided by Voices’ ‘Bee Thousand’ and the Wrens’ ‘The Meadowlands,’ you’ll dig it,” Allen said. 

You can stream both Extra Arms’ new music and Ryan Allen’s solo album on the band’s Bandcamp page.


The psychedelic rock group Duende released two albums this past April, How the Way Out Was Won and X. Both albums continue the group’s hard rock sound and are available to purchase on the band’s Bandcamp page.


Zach Pliska and Emily Sturm make-up the dark rock duo Vazum. The group released a new album, Rated V, in October and an EP last week, Vazumnacht. All of their discography can be found on their Bandcamp page.

The Messenger Birds

The Messenger Birds, a new rock group in Metro Detroit, released their debut album, Everything Has to Fall Apart Eventually, this past October. You can follow the group on Spotify and can see all of their merchandise on their website.