Rock and Soul: Jake Webb & The Commitments Blend Styles with Personal Lyrics

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | February 18, 2019
Jake Webb & The Commitments

Photo Courtesy of Jake Webb & The Commitments.

Combining classic folk rock with modern guitar riffs, Jake Webb & The Commitments are making their voices heard throughout the Detroit music scene.

Frontman Jake Webb said that he envisioned a band inspired by 60s and 70s soul and funk groups, but it has evolved to more than that over time.Every band member listens to different styles of music and brings that to the table during the song making process. What might start out as a songwriter influenced song might evolve into something else entirely by the time it’s finished.

“It’s grown into a more collective effort. [My bandmates] bring so much to the table that I never would have thought of on my own, so it’s been really great learning to be part of a band,” Webb said.

The various rock and roll styles are on full display on their most recent album, Scenes & Measures, which debuted last January. Bouncing from the scorned rock sound of Spilled Tea to the sultry Felicity Jones, the album runs the rock and roll gamut by blending numerous styles and inspirations.

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All of those sounds are definitely influenced by the band’s strong ties to the Detroit music scene. Webb said that that Detroit is really vibrant and welcoming for all musicians and artists, while bigger cities can seems so big that makes it difficult to make personal connections and new friendships.

“It’s large enough that there is a real community, and you can share ideas and make friends, but also small enough that you’re able to sort of make your own space in it,” Webb said.

Jake Webb & The Commitments make their own space when on stage creating an intimate and personal connection with the audience. Webb said that even though they aren’t having one-on-one conversations with anyone in the crowd, it feels like it since their songs are so personal and close to the heart.

“It’s sort of amazing whenever I’m lucky enough to see someone connect with one of them. I would hope our shows feel welcoming and have a sense of community,” Webb said.

There will be plenty of opportunities to see Jake Webb & The Commitments live in the next few months. The band will be playing with The Stick Arounds at the Maidstone Theatre on March 9 and opening for Red Wanting Blue and The Trews at The Loving Touch on March 28. They will also be a part of Detroit by Detroit happening at The Loving Touch in April where they will be covering The Temptations.

For more information on everything Jake Webb & The Commitments have coming up be sure to follow them on Facebook and check out their Bandcamp page.