Rock Out Like Space Geishas with Fawn

By: Toni Cunningham | March 4, 2013
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Fawn is a band you won’t soon forget, especially because one of its members describes their music as sounding like “space geishas.” I’m not exactly sure what that means, but the Metro Detroit band’s debut album is apparently full of ‘em.

Merely a month after its June 2012 debut, “Coastlines” was within the Top 20 of the CMJ Top 200 charts, which compiles albums played on college and non-commercial radio stations. With artists like Metric, Beach House and Jack White also in the top 20, they were in good company. Clearly, space geishas are all the rage.

The band, composed of Michiganders Alicia Gbur (vocals, bass), Christian Doble (guitar), Matt Rickle (drums) and Mike Spence (guitar), hasn’t let it go to their heads, however.

“We get along and don’t brag all the time about how amazing we are. Seriously. We are,” Spence said.

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Fawn is heading into the studio in March to work on some more amazing music—the follow-up to “Coastlines.”

“It’s something to do instead of pacing around nervously while contemplating the impact on marine life of the Fukushimi Daiichi Nuclear Disaster. Plus, it can be a real attention grabber if you’re feeling under-appreciated,” Spence said of playing and recording.

Thankfully, Fawn’s fan base never lets them feel anything less than adored.

While the band itself is fairly new, its members are all veterans of the Detroit music scene. Since most were previously in other Metro Detroit bands, Fawn is incredibly supportive of other local talent.

“We dig a lot of the other bands from Detroit. Zoos of Berlin, Jamaican Queens and Destroy This Place are all prepping new releases,” Spence said. “We’re excited about those and you should be too.”

In addition to the new album, Fawn hopes to share the stage with Australian rock band Tame Impala and L.A. alt-rock band Warpaint sometime in the near future.

Keep an eye out for upcoming live shows via Fawn’s official website, and catch up on the latest news on the band’s Facebook page.