Ronny Tibbs Combines Midwest Pop with Meaningful Songwriting

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | January 14, 2019
Ronny Tibbs

Photo Courtesy of Ronny Tibbs.

Combining the beach-pop, doo wop sound with meaningful and personal lyrics, Metro Detroit’s Ronny Tibbs creates feel good music with tons of heart.

Since the age of 10, Tibbs has been fascinated with writing songs. As he and his friends formed bands throughout middle and high school, the itch to write songs only grew and he gravitated towards music with heavy songwriting roots. Tibbs studied the songwriting of classic musicians such as Bob Dylan and Tom Petty and tried to get inside the head of his songwriting idols.

After high school, Tibbs played guitar for The Satin Peaches, who toured the country extensively and recorded an album that unfortunately never got released. The band dissolved and Tibbs decided to focus on his music as a solo artist.

He established his sound as a culmination of songwriting eras. The songs he started out playing varied quite dramatically, but the constant was always that the songwriting was really strong. The local musician said that writing isn’t as much of a push, it’s more of a comfort thing that’s helped him throughout his life.

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“Writing is just a great outlet, it offers you so many eras, styles, genres to dig into and relate with. This record, in particular, is pretty eclectic,” Tibbs said. “It touches on a lot of different eras of music I was deeply submerged in over the time it was written.”

His new record, “Lone Fry,” debuted this past Saturday at a dual album release show with The High Strung at the UFO Factory. Tibbs said that people can expect a very detailed collection of songs from his new album and that although it is not a concept album, each song is inspired by something specific and has its own story.

“I think this record has enough pop qualities to get people into the tracks out of the gate, but also it has enough nuance to keep people finding new parts, listen after listen,” Tibbs said.

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