Spark Your Creative Side with These Metro Detroit Art and Craft Classes

By: Karen Dybis | January 5, 2022
Arts and Crafts

Bleak, wintry skies may have you or your family longing for the warmth of color and creativity–and that is where Metro Detroit art and craft stores offer an array of classes both in person and online to help you get past the seasonal blahs and into inspiration.

These classes are often smaller so everyone in the group can get the same quality instruction as well as one-on-one time with the instructor. That means you need to sign up early and get your schedule arranged if you want to participate. Many of these classes also charge small to sizable fees, depending on how much instruction you receive as well as the supplies needed.

Also, be prepared to spend some time on practicing if you’re doing something like painting or trying over and over if you want to do something like throwing clay on a wheel. Art and the process of making it takes time, and no one is perfect the first time they try something. This is where having patience and enjoying the moment definitely come into play. 

Here are some local art studios that are making the creative side of Metro Detroiters shine with classes and more. 

Creative Arts Studio

Royal Oak is home to this all-ages studio, which offers everything from pottery to painting to glass fusing. For younger artists, Creative Arts also offers things like wax hands and spin art. Its classes are offered most days of the week and you can walk in to see what’s new. You also can take classes in lots of mediums, including wheel throwing, canvas painting or pallet board painting. 

Arts and Scraps

If you want to be environmentally responsible and super creative at the same time, head to this Detroit art-centric site. It uses recycled industrial products to create art, and all ages are welcome to try to make something beautiful. Its classes are online as well as in person right now, and there are some outdoor student workshops for groups to try.


Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center

Since 1957, Oakland County residents and visitors have learned about visual arts, enjoyed exhibitions and partook in creative experiences of all kinds. There are a dozen classes each season at BBAC, including ones focused on adults, children and families. You can try fiber arts, photography, sculpture, printmaking and jewelry with a friend or coworker.  

Creative Wonderland

Kids are the main focus at this Clawson center, which offers classes as well as a party or event space as well. Its art classes start with beginner level and go through intermediate. Classes are aimed at children ages 5 to 15 and are mostly available in the afternoons. Younger kids will enjoy the space, learning about color, motor skills and friendship. Older kids can express their creativity and go to town on imagination. 

Blick Art

Dearborn’s Blick store has a wide assortment of art inspiration on hand or to try in store. There are lots to browse including supplies, craft goods and unique gifts. You also can find unusual products such as inks, compressors and airbrush guns. The staff is well educated in tips and tricks to get the work done as well as ideas of what to get budding artists of all ages.