The Muggs Celebrate 20 Years of Rock with a New Album

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | December 16, 2019
The Muggs Celebrate 20 Years of Rock with a New Album

Photo Courtesy of The Muggs.

This upcoming February will mark two decades of blues rock ’n roll for the Metro Detroit trio, The Muggs.

The trio has changed over those twenty years, but their love for rock ’n roll with a blues edge has never wavered. Danny Methric and Tony DeNardo, better known as Danny Muggs and Tony Muggs, formed the group when they saw the lack of the blues sound in the Metro Detroit music scene in the early 2000s. 

The Muggs’ original drummer, Matt Rost, helped shape their sound for nearly a decade, but left the group in 2009. Todd Glass took over for another decade, and Zach Pliska has been with the group for almost a year.

The trio has enjoyed a robust career as an underground, independent group that has appeared on national television, several movie soundtracks, opened for national acts, and has won numerous Detroit Music Awards. The group has released four studio albums and a double live album, with their fifth studio album due out in January 2020.

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The group’s new album, titled “Slave To Sound,” was written by Danny Muggs and continues their signature blues rock riffs and meaningful lyrics. The Muggs will hit the stage at The Magic Bag on Friday, January 3 to celebrate the release of their new record. They’ll be joined by fellow Metro Detroit acts Royal Sweets and Milk Bath.

“The Muggs bring enthusiasm, high-powered energy and fun to our live sets and recorded music,” Tony said. “We’ve been inspired by so many bands over the years and continue to be dazzled.”

Tony added that local acts such as The Beggars, Mac Saturn, Duende!, Vvisions and many more have inspired them to keep going. 

“The Metro Detroit music scene is like the biggest, most spectacular red heart, bleeding with inspiration, giving off great energy and creativity to continue to be a part of this wonderful community,” Tony said.

After the release of the album the group hopes to tour the Midwest and eventually Europe. They have a big following in Spain and Germany and hope to perform for them sometime soon. 

You can keep up to date with everything The Muggs have coming up by following them on their Facebook page. The album can be found on Cadieux Records and streaming on almost all streaming services. Any fan that wants any merchandise, vinyls or CDs can contact the band at