Winter Activities: Arts & Crafts Stores in the D

By: Amber Ogden | February 3, 2015
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Just when we thought this winter in Michigan wasn’t going to be a bad one, Mother Nature went and dumped nearly 18 inches of snow on us. Le sigh. While most of us aren’t going anywhere that isn’t necessary (i.e work and the grocery store) for the time being, there’s one thing to do when the weather outside is frightful: arts and crafts!

Whether you’re an arts and crafts fanatic who scrapbooks every momentous life occasion, or you’re simply looking for a casual new cold weather hobby, there are plenty of independently owned arts and crafts stores in the D where you can find everything from yarn to paste to oil paints.

The Scrap Box, 581 State Circle, Ann Arbor, a local nonprofit organization, provides recycled materials perfect for crafting. You’ll find everything from beads to paper to ribbons to buttons. Should another storm hit and you simply can’t wait to get some new supplies, you can take a peek at some of the latest offerings here.

If you choose to shop in bulk, you can fill a large bag with craft items for $7.50 or a small bag for $5. Looking for a fun and original card for your sweetie? Make your own Valentine using all sorts of pink and red crafty objects from The Scrap Box.


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Craft Lady Trio, 15401 Hall Rd., Macomb, is a haven for those who love needlework projects, from knitting to crocheting. Owners Lynn, Patty and Martina will help you find whatever you need for your latest project, and you can even sign up for classes!

You can purchase patterns and kits online, and there are tons of classes taking place throughout the month of February. Sign up for Beginning Needlepoint and you’ll be a whiz in no time!

Du-All Art and Drafting Supply, 31431 John R. Rd., Madison Heights, has been around for 65 years, and you’ll find all of your necessary art supplies here. Markers, mounting supplies, printmaking supplies, canvas, brushes, you name it, Du-All has it.

This particular store also specializes in drafting supply products like graphic tapes and vinyl lettering, which can otherwise be difficult to find. If you’re looking to get in touch with your inner Picasso, you’ll find a wide variety of oil paints, watercolors, spray paints and more.

If the skies look a little ominous and snow-filled, you can even order your materials online!

Arts and Scraps, 16135 Harper Ave., Detroit, is perfect for crafty kiddos. It’s a nonprofit organization that helps children learn through crafting and creation. Products can be purchased at the store and online, and individuals, families and school organizations alike can purchase a bag or half bag of crafts.

Group kits are great for classrooms, while individual kits are appropriate activities for crafting with your little one at home on the weekend or after school gets out.

Even though Arts and Scraps provides plenty of opportunity for innovation for children, adults can still get in on the action, too. Don’t miss out on Arts & Scraps at Night on Friday, Feb. 13. The special event (for the 21 and up crowd) will include a behind the scenes tour of the facility, shopping in the store, and a Valentine activity. You can even bring your own beer, wine and snacks! Tickets cost $20 and the event begins at 6:30 p.m.

When you’re feeling crafty, head to one of the above supply stores or organizations in Metro Detroit, where you’ll find the perfect tools for your inner craftsman (or woman).