Bowling, Volleyball, Hockey & More! Recreational Leagues Happening this Fall

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | November 2, 2018
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Recreational leagues are a great way to get out and satisfy that competitive itch in a fun environment. While outdoor leagues came to an end, there is nothing that says you can’t have fun indoors. Here are some upcoming leagues and tournaments that will help you keep your competitive edge during the fall and winter months!

Co-Ed Bowling (11/7)

Bowling leagues are always a great way to have fun during the cold weather months. Hartfield Lanes has an upcoming co-ed league beginning on Wednesday, November 7 where you can enjoy great drink specials all night long. Registration is due on November 5.

Indoor Volleyball (11/19)

Joe Dumars’ Fieldhouse is known for their basketball leagues, but it’s competitive and recreational hard court volleyball leagues are just as fun. The field house has leagues on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for all ages. Registration deadline is Monday, November 19. Leagues begin the first week of December.

Indoor Soccer (12/28)

Total Sports in Novi has you totally covered when it comes to sports. They have numerous indoor soccer leagues taking place throughout the winter, with the next one’s registration due date being December 28. Be sure to check out the website for information on youth leagues as well!  

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Roller Hockey at Great Lakes Roller Hockey

Hockey is one of the most popular winter sports in Michigan, but a big recreational sport all year long is roller hockey. Fraser’s Great Lakes Roller Hockey is a great way for people of all ages and skill levels to compete in fun roller hockey leagues. The arena has leagues all year round so be sure to check out the website and Facebook to see when the next leagues begin!

Cornhole (11/14)

Most people might think that corn hole is a summertime sport, and while that is mostly true, there are some fun indoor corn hole leagues happening this November. Atwater Detroit will be hosting a social co-ed corn hole league on Wednesday night. Registration ends on Wednesday, November 7 with the league beginning the following Wednesday.