ComePlayDetroit Invites You to… Come Play, Detroit!

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | May 5, 2014
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There are a number of recreational/athletic clubs around the Detroit area, but ComePlayDetroit is unique. It isn’t just a recreational sports organization, but a social club as well. According to its website, ComePlayDetroit (CPD) is the largest provider of recreational sports leagues for adults in Detroit. CPD’s focus is to put the “play” in the phrase “live, work and play” for the people in the Detroit area.

Twelve sports are offered here, including flag footballsand volleyballkickball, and softball. All sports are coed with the exception of softball and basketball, which are men only (due to a lack of interest for women only leagues).

The focus is to engage young adults both socially and actively. Participating provides opportunities to stay healthy, meet new people and be a part of the community. In addition to the leagues, CPD hosts social gatherings and large scale events.

“It’s been a dream come true to be able to organize and work in sports,” said Justin Jacobs, president and founder of ComePlayDetroit. Jacobs started the organization in early 2010.

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Jacobs, a Metro Detroit native, was inspired while he was living and working in Chicago. He realized Chicago had something Detroit did not—a place to play intramural sports on a social platform. When he first returned back to Detroit, he wanted a place in the community where he could remain active and play recreational sports with friends.

What happened next for the DePaul University graduate was amazing. Jacobs decided to start a men’s basketball league. He advertised the event on Facebook and the response was overwhelming.

When Jacobs saw how high the demand was for a recreational sports league in a social setting, he knew he had something big brewing. He went back to Chicago and spoke with an executive of one of Chi-Town’s biggest social/athletic clubs. Jacobs learned the business model and took it back to the Motor City. Lo and behold: ComePlayDetroit formed.

Since then, CPD has grown astronomically. “Growth has been crazy since we started,” said Jacobs. “We started with six sand volleyball teams our first year. This summer we are expecting to have more than 100.” The number of teams has increased every year since its inception in 2010.

CPD hosts a plethora of large events, as well as partners with the community for other festivities. On Feb. 22, 2014, CPD, along with Yoga Shelter, made history by hosting Yoga Rocks Ford Field. More than 2,000 participants attended class inside of Ford Field, which made it the world’s largest indoor yoga session.

Justin Jacobs saw an opportunity to provide an active and social lifestyle for Detroiters. Thanks to him we have more options for a healthy lifestyle, more opportunities to meet friends and several activities to choose from. Jacobs is one of many who have already taken the necessary steps to help rebuild Detroit. We could use more people like him. This city is rising, just watch.