IN THE D: Postgame Bars for Adult Athletic Leagues

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | March 10, 2015
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We’re going to have some fun with today’s article! It combines two of America’s favorite pastimes—playing sports and drinking beer (or your beverage of choice). This one goes out to those of us who just cannot fathom the fact that our glory days in our athletic careers are behind us (sorry, but in most cases, it is). We find refuge to this harsh truth by way of beer leagues or adult athletic leagues.

Luckily for us, there are a ton of leagues and venues that support our wishes to stay in shape, and although many of us are not as spry as we used to be, it is still fun to compete. Even luckier for us, a lot of athletic facilities have bars nearby, so we can celebrate a win or drown our sorrows from a loss in a crisp, cool beverage.

Kickers All-Star Grill, 46555 W. Michigan Ave., Canton, is located right behind both High Velocity Sports and Arctic Edge Ice Arena, in the heart of Victory Park. I play flag football at High Velocity and have gone here on quite a few occasions with teammates after the game. It is centered in the middle of 12 baseball diamonds, and you can expect a lot of visitors with baseball season right around the corner. Daily specials such as $2.50 domestic bottles and drafts or the $3 beer of the month are definitely a high-selling point. Check out the Facebook page to keep up with more specials and events.

The Dugout Bar and Grill, 33600 Mound Rd., Sterling Heights, is located inside of the Liberty Park of America Sports Complex. The bar features a full menu with sandwiches, burgers, homemade pizza and more. Features include 13 flat screen televisions, pool tables, video games and other fun. Some other cool and notable things about The Dugout: it has a patio with umbrella tables (it is finally becoming warm out), along with two concession stands outside and an outdoor wait staff in the area around baseball diamonds two and three. Here is the real kicker—you can even take your beverages out of the bar and drink them in the bleachers of diamonds two and three!


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Total Sports Complex Midfield Grill, 30990 S. Wixom Rd., Wixom, resides inside of Total Sports Complex Wixom. The full-service bar and grill offers starters, burgers, sandwiches and healthier items, such as the TSC Turkey Burger under the “Total Performance” section. Beers are always flowing, and good times will be had here. The complex itself offers several sports for both children and adults, including soccer, baseball, lacrosse and more.

Elwood Bar and Grill, 300 Adams Ave., Detroit, is a Downtown Detroit favorite, and just so happens to be well within walking distance (about one fifth of a mile) of the Detroit Athletic Club. It is also a great spot before or after games for both the Tigers and Lions, as it is just steps away from both stadiums. The menu includes several types of sandwiches, some burger options, salads and more. Of course there are plenty of drinks available, as well. The Elwood has been a Detroit staple since 1936!

After you leave it all on the field, court, diamond, or, well you get the picture, enjoy a brew or two. There is nothing quite like taking a load off with your friends and family after athletic activities. The aforementioned bars are a few places to do so. You’re going to be sore tomorrow anyways, so a little post game fun isn’t a bad idea!