IN THE D: Social Sports Detroit Combines Athletics & Social Life

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | October 20, 2015
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More often than not, we tend to immerse ourselves into a routine, and sometimes this “routine” feels more like a rut than anything else. Perhaps a new social setting can make all of the difference. What if I told you Social Sports Detroit provides a chance to break away from the norm?

Social Sports Detroit has offered several games and sports leagues to crowds ages 21 and over since opening in 2014. Games/matches take place in facilities across various Metro Detroit locations. In addition to the leagues, tournaments are available as well. Bar games, such as euchre, sports such as volleyball and activities like bocce ball are all upcoming. There are several other sports and activities offered throughout the year as well.

“We set up coed recreational sports leagues around Metro Detroit for young professionals with an emphasis on the social aspect of sports,” Daniel Brown, owner of Social Sports Detroit, said. “We typically go to a sponsor bar for food and drink once a game has ended and everyone hangs out.”

In addition to the bar outings, Brown hopes to have tailgating outings and other events in the near future. The leagues and social events are designed for young adults to comingle and meet new people. Whether you join with a group of friends, or as a free agent, you will have a great opportunity to meet new people.

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“When I finished college, I found meeting new people to be sort of difficult, and thought this was a good platform to help (those) having the same issue,” Brown said.

The mission is to provide a social atmosphere for young professionals. As we all know, work can be stressful, so participating in recreational – yet competitive – sports and meeting new people is a great way to decompress. As mentioned earlier, some local establishments sponsor the activities, and these are the places where league celebrations take place.

Prices for a particular sport or activity vary, but are generally around $45 to $65 a person. Social Sports Detroit provides the equipment, facilities and shirts for every team. There are also prizes for most social team and player(s), which are voted on by other league members.

To keep up with Social Sports Detroit, and for news and information about future leagues and events, visit the Facebook page.