IN THE D: The Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon Inspires Detroit This Weekend

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | October 13, 2015
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With every October in Detroit comes an event of international appeal. That event, of course, is the Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon, which takes place this Saturday, Oct. 17 and Sunday, Oct. 18. It sees runners from all over the world, and gives people a glimpse into what the city of Detroit truly has to offer.

“The Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank (Marathon) is not only a world-class running event, but it is also helping to brand Detroit as a destination again,” Matt Scodellaro, assistant race director and Health and Fitness Expo director, said. “We continue to watch the percentage of out-of-state participants climb, hotels selling out months in advance and restaurants packed Marathon weekend. Runners from around the country and world descend upon Detroit the third weekend of October for one of the most unique running experiences imaginable.”

According to Scodellaro, 27,600 people are expected to participate in the six total races offered this weekend, and runners represent 49 different states and 19 different countries!

In addition to the Full-Marathon race, the weekend features two Half-Marathon races (international and U.S.-only races), a Marathon Relay race, a 5K race and a one-mile long Fun Run for children. Your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers are the proud sponsor of the Half-Marathon events!

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“As we all know, ‘Chevy Drives the Motor City,’ so we were more than ecstatic when we partnered with the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers in 2012 as the official sponsor of the Half-Marathons,” Scodellaro said. “Not only did we find a perfect fit in a Detroit brand for our largest segment of runners (Half-Marathons), but the relationship also provided an eye-catching vehicle for our highly-awarded medal.”

The magnitude of the Detroit Marathon is truly unlike anything else. It is an occurrence where people are no longer looking down on Detroit, but rather admiring its beauty and perseverance.

“The beautiful part of conquering over 26 miles of Detroit and Windsor affords participants the opportunity to not only see the typical Central Business District, but experience the tremendous culture of our distinct neighborhoods,” Scodellaro said.  “From Mexicantown, Corktown, Indian Village and Belle Isle, every new community has a plethora of new sights and sounds.”

The planning of the Marathon is a long, demanding process, but it certainly comes with its rewards once it is time to run. When asked what his favorite part of the event is, Scodellaro said a few different things come to mind.

“First is standing at the Start Line with 22,000-plus participants all waiting to start. The energy when we play Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ five minutes before the start is indescribable,” he said. “Second is standing at the Finish Line watching people complete a ‘bucket list’ personal accomplishment. The commitment, dedication and determination to train and finish a long distance race is so inspiring that it’s impossible not to have a smile on your face.”

Even if you are not participating in any of the races this weekend, be sure to come down and support your friends, family members and other runners. Scodellaro leaves us with this advice for runners:

“Stay calm, arrive early, thank the volunteers and enjoy the day.”