Play Ball! Motor City Wheels Race Back to Comerica Park

By: Amber Ogden | April 6, 2015
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The day we have all been eagerly anticipating for months is finally here… it’s Opening Day! For most Metro Detroiters, spring means warm weather, the ballpark and Detroit baseball.

If you attended a home game at Comerica Park last season, you’re already familiar with Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Motor City Wheels Mascot Races. The people-powered mascots are a racing family made up of classic Chevys and the trio made their debut at the park last spring.

It’s a new season, and that means it’s time for new mascots! Cam Aro and Shelly Chevelle join the Motor City Wheels Mascot crew and make their debut at Comerica Park today. These two are giving Petey Pickup, Bella Air and Corey Vette a run for their money. Allow me to introduce you to the new lineup…

Cam Aro

The Silverado is the truck that works as hard as you do.

First cousin to Petey Pickup, Bella Air and Corey Vette, Cam Aro is a mischievous racer who does doughnuts just for fun. But deep down, he just hopes to impress his hero, Corey Vette—when he isn’t tailgating him, that is. While his feisty side shows on the racetrack, deep down in his carburetor, he really wants to win.

Shelly Chevelle

Shelly is Cam Aro’s younger sister, and cousin to Petey Pickup, Bella Air and Corey Vette. The most athletic of the entire Motor City Wheels lineup, Shelly has a competitive streak and works her engine out every day. In order to keep in tiptop shape for race day, you might find her drag racing on her days off. She may be the youngest of the Motor City Wheels, but that doesn’t stop Shelly.

In addition to the new cast of characters, this season will feature a few additional changes. This year, the team will be racing for the coveted racing mascot trophy, The Big Wheeler! The trophy will change hands after each and every home game race. Be sure to cheer your favorite Motor City Wheels character on while you’re at the park!

In case you need a refresher, here is a brief reintroduction to the original Motor City Wheels cast:

Petey Pickup

Petey strength trains for eight hours a day, and when it comes to racing, he doesn’t hold back. He is the longest lasting, most dependable pickup on the road. Underneath his hood, Petey has an engine of gold.

Bella Air

Bella took home the most wins of the season last year, proving she is more than just a pretty piece of machinery. Bella has both beauty and brawn, and her training regimen includes oil changes and tire rotations every 3,000 miles.

Corey Vette

Corey proved himself to be a crowd favorite last season, and while he’s sporty and naturally fast, he races for the attention. While Corey is not as serious about racing as his two siblings and cousins, he has an extroverted personality perfect for the racetrack.

The original Motor City Wheels, along with their two new members, Cam Aro and Shelly Chevelle, kick off the racing season today, Monday, April 6, at the Tigers home opener against the Twins at 1:08 p.m. at Comerica Park.

For more information on the entire Motor City Wheels roster, visit Be sure to keep up with your favorite characters on social media, too! You can keep track of Cam, Shelley, Petey, Bella and Corey via the Motor City Wheels Facebook and Twitter pages. Be sure to include #ChevyMascots and #MotorCityWheels in your posts.