Dare to Enter These Haunted Houses in the D

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | October 9, 2019
Haunted Houses

Photo Courtesy of Hush Haunted Attraction

You walk down a dark hallway, clutching your friend’s hand as hard as you can, eagerly awaiting what’s around the corner. Suddenly, THUD! A terrorized clown pops out from the other side of the hallway causing you and your friend to jump, scream, and yell. People love a good scare.

This is the type of terrifying situation that you can find yourself in at haunted houses across Metro Detroit this October. So if you’re ready for an interactive scarefest, be sure to check out these and other haunted attractions in the D. 

Haunted Farm of Terror

For 16 years the Haunted Farm of Terror in Lenox Township has enjoyed terrorizing Metro Detroit with haunted house and hayride experiences. The haunted hayride was voted the most intense hayride in Michigan and is full of zombies, jump scares, and other ghoulish delights. You can buy tickets online, and save money when you buy the haunted house and hayride combo.

The Silverado is the truck that works as hard as you do.

Scarefest Scream Park

Scarefest Scream Park

Photo Courtesy of Scarefest Scream Park

For the better part of 13 years, Scarefest Scream Park has given guests a variety of haunted attractions to scream at. This year features four haunted attractions including a haunted hayride, maze, house, and forest walk. Each attraction has a different “scare factor” ranging from family-friendly to very intense, so be sure to check which attraction is best for your group on their website.

Azra Chamber of Horrors

Featuring numerous chambers full of terrifying imagery, Azra Chamber of Horrors is one of the newest haunted houses in Metro Detroit. The multi-level maze will feature various demons to defeat as you try to survive a terrifying journey. You can also checkout the Escape Room Zone and Rage Room next door for some more interactive fun.

Hush Haunted Attraction

Featuring three haunted attractions on location, Hush Haunted Attraction in Westland is promising to be bigger than ever before. The site went through major renovations leading up to this season which has led to the haunted attractions being six times bigger than they were before. Be sure to check out their schedule for hours of operation throughout October and pre-order tickets.

Haunted Detroit Tours

Detroit Haunted Tours

Photo Courtesy of Detroit Haunted Tours

While not your typical haunted house experience, Haunted Detroit Tours welcomes you to get in on the ghost-hunting adventure. The tour will take you to a haunted place in Metro Detroit, give you a history of the site, and guide you on a tour that is complete with digital cameras, infra-red thermometers, and EMF detectors. The two-and-a-half hour tours regularly sell-out, so be sure to check out their schedule and buy tickets on their official website.