The most fun you’ve ever had on a date

By: Katie Goncalves | February 7, 2023
Date night at the arcade

Date night at the arcade

Have you fallen into the cycle of one boring date night after another? Dinner and a movie on repeat forever gets a little stale after the first few rounds. The next time you’re planning a date night, think about doing an activity that requires a little movement while you get out of the house! There are tons of fun activities happening at places across Metro Detroit that make for the perfect date night. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a little flirty competition?


Tap into your inner child and spend an evening walking around playing arcade games together. Many 21 and older arcades have popped up in the last few years to meet the demands of grownups just wanting to have a good time. Whether you enjoy pinball, vintage games, or more modern arcade classics, these are the best places to go for date night. Challenge each other and see who can get the highest score. 

1Up Arcade Bar

Offworld Arcade at Checker Bar 

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Ready Player One 

Grand River Ball Room

Mums Arcade

Axe Throwing 

Axe Throwing is a fun and challenging way to spend an hour or two. Most locations have a coach who will teach you the proper technique of axe throwing and provide some suggestions for fun games to play together. See who can rack up the most points or win the most games.

Photo courtesy of Detroit Axe
Photo courtesy of Detroit Axe

Detroit Axe

BATL Axe Throwing

The Legendary Axe

Axe Ventura

Total Axe

The HUB Stadium

The Axe Social


Fowling is the combination of football and bowling. 10 bowling pins are set up on either side of a lane. Individually or on teams, you throw a football at the pins to knock as many down as possible. This game is outrageously fun and endlessly entertaining. 

Fowling Warehouse Hamtramck

The HUB Stadium

The Tailgate Garage

On the Dunes


There are several different options for fans of golf or those who are just starting out. There are indoor golf simulators, which allow you to practice your swing as the screen shows you data. Then there are driving range-style locations where you swing a golf ball into the distance and see how far you can get it. Either way is really fun for everyone! 

Players Golf


On the Dunes

Oasis Golf Center

Other Date Night Activity Ideas

Bocce Ball – Palazzo di Bocce

Feather Bowling – Caxieux Cafe 

Ski or Snowboard – Pine Knob, Mount Brighton, Alpine Valley

Rock Climbing – DYNO Detroit, Planet Rock

Go Karting – Full Throttle