4 Places to Grab a Bite Before a Detroit Hockey Game

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | October 26, 2016
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Even if hockey is not your cup of tea, chances are you have heard that this is the last season the Red Wings will be playing at the Joe. That means you should probably catch at least a game or two before they move to the new arena next season, and you are going to need places to grab a bite to eat or get a cold one. Here are four bar and grills you should hit up before catching a Wings game.

Tommy’s Detroit Bar & Grill

Located on 3rd Street in the heart of Detroit, Tommy’s Detroit Bar & Grill is a great place to catch a bite to eat before the puck drops. With a great bar atmosphere and pre-game meal options like real, homemade burgers, hand-dipped chicken wings, and delicious corned beef, it will get you in the mood for some Wings hockey. Not only do they offer great food, but they also offer a free shuttle bus service to all Red Wings games. Score!

Anchor Bar Detroit

Anchor Bar Detroit is any Red Wings fan’s favorite spot to grab a beer or meal before a game. They have great appetizer options like seasoned potato wedges, beer battered onion wings, and pizza logs to snack on while you enjoy a cold one before heading to the Joe. There’s also a shuttle service to and from the stadium available.

Cobo Joe’s

Deemed as “the place to be” before a Red Wings game, Cobo Joe’s is located right across the street from the arena. The prime location makes it hard to get a spot before or after a Wings game, but if you can get in you are in for some delicious BBQ entrees. They offer fresh, handcrafted meats that are smoked up to 13 hours and feature fresh spices used with apple, peach, and sugar. It will fill you up before you head over to the Joe.

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Grand Trunk Pub

The Grand Trunk Pub is the place to grab a tall glass of beer before you catch a game. Located in what used to be the Grand Trunk Railroad’s ticket station, and featuring early 20th century architecture, it’s a great place to try some of Michigan’s finest beer like Shorts, Arcadia, Bell’s, and more.