5 Places to Get Tasty Shawarma In the D

By: Karen Dybis | April 24, 2019
Istanbul: Man preparing kebab on the Istiklal Avenue

Detroit is known for many things; Automobiles, delicious coney dogs, music and shawarma! Yes, shawarma! What is shawarma exactly?  Glad you asked! The preparation and process changes depending on who you ask, but it’s really just a plate of purely yummy meats marinated to perfection based on a Middle eastern tradition.

Detroit borders the largest Middle Eastern community in the country, Dearborn, MI. Even though there is great shawarma in Dearborn, there is also outstanding shawarma all over the metro Detroit area. So, who has the best  shawarma in town? Check out a few places we recommend to get shawarma in the D.

Shawarma on pita with dipping sauce

Photo courtesy of Shawarma Island

Shawarma Island
At Shawarma Island, everything on the menu is delicious and healthy, but the shawarma is some of the best around. Owners Mike and Ashwak Chehimi know shawarma and are serving it up with lots of love. “What makes our shawarma the best is the freshness and quality of the meat we use,” says Mike. Everything is prepared and served fresh daily. Oh and the garlic is perfection. “The garlic is the key role in our shawarma,” says Ashwak. All recipes are homemade, even the pickles are made in house.

La Pita
Located in the heart of Dearborn with additional locations in Detroit and on Wayne State’s campus, customers can eat delicious shawarma in a fine dining setting. La Pita does a great job at combining traditional Lebanese recipes with modern Mediterranean additions. When it comes to the shawarma, they commonly serve it as a sandwich on in house made pita or laffa.

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Malek Al-Kabob
Chefs Abu-Fahd and Abu-Snan are both making shawarma dishes that remain a neighborhood favorite. Neither one of the chefs outshines the other. They both give each other  respect due to their individual expertise in the kitchen. Even though the menu reaches far beyond shawarma selections, order the shawarma plate on your first visit, you won’t be disappointed.

Ollie’s Lebanese Cuisine
The owner Ali Hojaij, has created authentic Lebanese dishes at Ollie’s. But the shawarma platter is one of his top specialties. Chicken shawarma sandwiches here are made and rolled up with pickles, lettuce and garlic sauce. This shawarma is special because Chef Ali always incorporates fresh and quality ingredients.

Al Ameer Restaurant
Al Ameer has been making authentic Mediterranean dishes since 1989. Al Ameer is the neighborhood go-to for local Detroiters. Shawarma plates, including sandwiches are all made with a genuine love of the culture at Al Ameer. Make sure when you order it, to pair it with the garlic or hummus that is made fresh daily.

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