Dive Into These Super-Sized Sandwiches

November 26, 2023
Footlong Salami, Ham, cheese sub with lettuce, tomato, onion and peppers

Giant sandwiches are no new concept. From towering deli classics to enormous subs that span entire tables, giant sandwiches have gained a cult following, not just for their size, but for the innovation and flavor packed into every layer. Most of us are familiar with menu items like the footlong sandwich and the one-pound burger. Whether you’re looking for an extra bite or a quick option to serve friends and family, these places have you covered. 


Multiple locations in Metro Detroit

Jersey Giant Subs was born when the owners arrived in Michigan from New Jersey, seeking to set up shop in East Lansing in 1979. From there, this business has seen tremendous growth and remains committed to delivering the biggest, freshest, tastiest, and most genuine New Jersey style sub possible at a reasonable price. Subs come in two sizes, a whole sub is 16 inches and a half is eight. Choose from combinations made with roast beef, ham, salami, capicola, salami, turkey, and more. To make it even better, they serve nearly all of Michigan, operating locations throughout and near the Lansing, Detroit, Battle Creek, and Kalamazoo areas.

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21830 Greater Mack Avenue, St. Clair Shores

Located in St. Clair Shores, Bommarito’s Bakery has been serving the Metro-Detroit community with some of the best Italian cuisines since 1925. The menu includes traditionally sized submarine sandwiches, along with party subs. The party sub can certainly feed a crowd, with sizes ranging from two to six feet. The team does ask that customers order the party subs 24 hours in advance. The sub options are Italian, vegetarian, prosciutto and provolone, turkey and cheese, roast beef and cheese, corned beef and cheese, tuna salad, egg salad, meatball, and pizza. At Bommarito’s, you can also find delicious pizza, bread, cannoli, wine, and much more. 


4088 West McNichols Road, Detroit

This family-run business has sandwiches that stand out. Owner of What’s The Dill, Leone Milton shares, “Our deli provides a breadless option using pickles instead of bread and a variety of different vegetable sandwiches as well such as cucumber sandwiches, tomato sandwiches, bell pepper sandwiches, and egg sandwiches. Our motto is ‘Drop the bread, Pick up a pickle instead’. It’s a healthier affordable lunch option in the inner city.” Whether you’re a pickle lover, or just looking for a gluten-free or keto lunch option, What’s The Dill is a great option for those still wanting a delicious sandwich. The stuffed pickle sandwiches come in many varieties, like the Lodge Dill Wit It Sandwich, which has turkey ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cheese, Italian dressing, mayo, and seasoning, or The Kenwood Sandwich, with imitation crab meat, red onions, cheese, lettuce, ranch dressing, and seasoning. Want to try a cucumber wrap instead? Look into the Lil Yumber with corned beef, cheese, mild peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, yum yum sauce, and seasoning. 

giant sandwich on a pickle from what's the dill
Photo courtesy of What’s The Dill


35197 Dodge Park, Sterling Heights

Ventimiglia Italian Foods started as a fruit cart, nestled on the streets of Detroit. It has since expanded into the Sterling Heights shop that many know and love today. The team at Ventimiglia Italian Foods prides itself on exceptional quality food and customer service, providing some of the best subs, pasta, imported groceries, and more. Give the party subs a try, with options for one, three, and four feet. The flavors include Italian, turkey, eggplant and rosemary ham, and prosciutto, with the option to double up on the meat. Have it “the regular way” with lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, and Italian dressing, or choose to add extras like hot peppers and onions. 1 foot subs are available anytime, but Ventimiglia’s staff asks that you order the 3 and 4-foot subs by 4 p.m. the day before it’s needed. 


33179 Grand River Avenue, Farmington

Dagwood’s Deli & Eatery not only has tasty food but fast and friendly service as well. The expansive menu boasts a selection of soups, salads, desserts, and sandwiches, including the popular Dagwood sandwich. This sandwich weighs in at two pounds and is filled with roast beef, ham, turkey, Colby and Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, and special sauce all on four slices of marble bread. Customers can also go for the half-pound sandwiches or foot-long grilled subs that feature 1/3 lbs. of meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, black olives, pepper rings, and Italian oil.


Multiple locations in Metro Detroit

Mr. Corned Beef has, you guessed it, corned beef sandwiches, but these are not just your average corned beef. You can grab a regular-sized sandwich, or you can order the extra-large version, which certainly lives up to its name. You can get corned beef, roast beef, turkey, pastrami, reuben, and the twister, with your choice of any two meats, all as an extra large sandwich. After selecting which meat you want on your sandwich, you can pretty much customize it to your liking, with different bread, cheese, dressing, and extra topping options to choose from. 

This article has been updated to include new information. The original article was published on November 28, 2022, and was authored by Briana Dixon.