From Senegal to Ethiopia: African Food To Go

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | June 12, 2020
African Food to Go - In the D

As many restaurants and establishments pivoted their business models to focus on carryout and delivery, we covered a lot of the options available to Metro Detroiters, from Italian and Mexican to cocktails and seafood.

Today, we’re focusing on African food in Metro Detroit. So, from Senegalese favorites to authentic Ethiopian fare, order your next meal to go from one of these great restaurants.


On the surface, Yumvillage is an Afro-Caribbean restaurant headed up by Chef Goodwin Ihentuge. Look a little deeper and you’ll see that Yumvillage aims to be what Ihentuge calls a “culinary incubator” — kitchen space for people to practice the culinary arts. They’re currently open for delivery and curbside pickup and their menu includes items like Jerk Chicken, Suya Fried Shrimp, Jollof Rice, and much more.


Specializing in Senegalese cuisine, Maty’s is a no-frills dining establishment located in Detroit that is currently providing food delivery services. Some of their more popular dishes include the Red Snapper, the Chicken Yassa, and Maffe (peanut stew with your choice of protein). They also make specialty drinks, like the sorrel drink (dark red and a little sour with a raspberry-like flavor) and baobab drink (milk, sugar, and baobab powder). 

Kalahari African Cuisine

Located on Seven Mile Rd. in Detroit, Kalahari also specializes in Senegalese cuisine with their popular dishes being the thiebou guinar (brown rice served with chicken & mix vegetables), dibi lamb (grilled lamb meat), and the grilled steak. If you’re able to dine in, enjoy the sounds of African music and the walls filled with African art. If not, carryout options are available.

Taste of Ethiopia

Moving from Senegal in West Africa, Taste of Ethiopia is providing carryout services, which is amazing because they have some of the best Ethiopian food around. Many options are vegan and/or gluten-free and they don’t use any preservatives or hormones. The result is a meal that tastes incredibly fresh and authentic. If you can’t make it out to their Southfield restaurant, you might be able to find their products in stores, like Western Market and Whole Foods.