Breakfast in the D: Southeast Michigan’s Best Omelets

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | November 27, 2015
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Thanksgiving has passed, which means most of us were stuffed full of turkey and other holiday favorites. If you are braving the stores on this Black Friday, or even if you are wisely choosing to avoid shopping today, you’re going to need food for fuel. While Thanksgiving Day leftovers are always a great option for a few days afterward, there is often a feeling of a turkey overload. One alternative to think about for breakfast or brunch are omelets. Here are a few places to consider:

The Hudson Café

This café is a Detroit favorite, serving up a variety of omelet options. The Triple Triple consists of bacon, ham, sausage and Cheddar, Swiss and Jack cheeses. Fittingly named, the Thanksgiving is made up of turkey sausage, spinach, cranberries, and Swiss cheese. There are also vegetarian options. Take a look at the menu for other omelet creations and breakfast and brunch items.

Beverly Hills Grill

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The grill has been offering a sophisticated menu to the Beverly Hills faithful for more than 25 years. While it also serves lunch, dinner and weekend brunches, our focus is on the breakfast menu today. The restaurant offers a few omelet and scramble choices. The California Omelet has chicken apple sausage, avocado and Amish sharp cheddar. The New York Smoked Salmon Scramble is also something to consider.

Omelette & Waffle Café

This Plymouth establishment offers a ton of omelets, and even gives you the option to create your own! Some of the ready-made omelets include the Farmers, Country, Veggie, Hawaiian and more. With the build your own option, the menu includes 14 omelet choices in total. In addition, specials, sandwiches, crepes and lunch options are available here.

Gest Omelettes

Redford’s Gest Omelettes serves the freshest foods possible and offers all kinds of omelets. So much so, that it has an entire page of its menu dedicated to the breakfast dish. In true Detroit style, The Coney Island omelet consists of hot dogs, green onion, Jack cheese and lettuce, topped with chili. The restaurant also offers Southern, Italian, Spanish and crepe style omelets.

If an omelet is what you want, an omelet is what you will get at the aforementioned establishments. Simply put, Metro Detroit knows how to do breakfast. Good luck shopping!