Celebrate National Hamburger Day in Metro D

By: Amber Ogden | May 28, 2015
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If there’s one thing Metro Detroiters enjoy, it’s food. More specifically, we like burgers. And we can’t be the only ones who love beef, cheese and however many toppings you can reasonably stack on a bun, because today is National Hamburger Day.

While you could celebrate National Hamburger Day at home, or by swinging through a fast food chain, both would be doing this glorious food holiday somewhat of a disservice. There are so many great burger joints in southeast Michigan that you may just get into a heated disagreement with the most pleasant of folks arguing over who makes the better burger.

In honor of the day, we’re going to take a look back at the best of Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers’ “In the D” burger-related articles to date.

Enjoy National Hamburger Day, Metro Detroiters! If you’ve paid attention to any of these articles, you know where to find me.

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