Chill Out With These Mint Goodies

By: Carolyn Hall | March 5, 2024
Mint choc chip ice cream being balled up by a mechanical scoop

Mint has always been a refreshing and versatile ingredient, finding its way into an array of dishes that span from savory to sweet. Businesses around Metro Detroit have embraced it in their creations, each offering a unique twist on how this aromatic herb can elevate a dish or dessert. Let’s dive into the herb-infused offerings to showcase how its’ refreshing flavor can be incorporated oh-so-well.


120 East Main Street, Northville

Specializing in craft ice cream, Browndog Creamery created a mint chocolate ice cream that is nothing short of legendary. They use minty ice cream and swirl in chocolate sandwich cookies to create the delicious Grasshopper ice cream. At Browndog Barlor, they take the delicious Grasshopper ice cream and turns it into a boozy milkshake when it adds chocolate ice cream, vanilla vodka, RumChata, whipped cream, and chocolate drizzle, which creates the Hop, Skip, & A Mint. If you’d prefer a warm cocktail, the Freshly Minted Hot Tail is a hot cocoa-based beverage that features vanilla vodka and creme de menthe for a chocolate-mint delight. 

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28616 Harper Avenue, St. Clair Shores

Modern Cone is a family-owned business that has captured the hearts of ice cream and coffee lovers alike. Known for their ice cream nachos, stackers, and affogato sundaes, Modern Cone has dessert creations for every taste. “We love anything ice cream and coffee!” the Modern Cone Team shares. This spot allows for quite the combinations, with mint as an excellent option. The Mint-Tastic stacker features a delightful layering of mint chip ice cream, Oreos, brownies, and hot fudge. You could also order the ice cream as a milkshake, affogato sundae, ice cream nacho with waffle chips and your choice of toppings and sauces, or even as an ice cream cake! Their passion for combining ice cream, desserts, and coffee results in unique, mouthwatering treats that are a testament to their creativity and love for what they do.

modern cone mint-tastic stacker with ice cream, oreos, brownies, and fudge
Photo courtesy of Modern Cone


22000 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn

Mint29 is no stranger to the wonders of mint, but it was named from the coins found on the walls of the federal bank that the building once served as. This restaurant incorporates mint in various dishes, but its infused cocktails also stand out. Using it to add a fresh twist to classic cocktails, Mint29 offers a sophisticated drinking experience that is both innovative and timeless. Whether it’s a cucumber mint martini or a blackberry mojito, the expert use of the herb makes each sip a refreshing delight. For a taste with dinner, check out the shrimp cocktail, lamb lollipop, and sea bass that all feature a cilantro mint coulis.


221 West Troy Street, Ferndale 

Quix Chocolate takes mint and chocolate to new heights with their mint-infused chocolate, The Irish. This treat features a minty fresh ganache in dark chocolate and is so delicious. The combination of high-quality cocoa beans and mint creates an invigorating and indulgent chocolate experience. The Belgian chocolatier’s use of it is subtle yet impactful, enhancing the chocolate’s flavor without overwhelming it. For even more chocolate desserts, check out our list here.


4233 Coolidge Highway, Royal Oak

An institution in the world of frozen treats, Ray’s Ice Cream has been serving up classic and innovative flavors for over 60 years. Their mint offerings include a mint chocolate chip ice cream that is rich, creamy, and refreshing. This indulgent treat is a favorite among customers and can come as a milkshake, malt, ice cream cake, or taken home as a half gallon. Not only is the ice cream delicious, but the atmosphere at Ray’s is top-notch. It transports you back to the 1950s with its parlor and soda fountain. 


312 South Main Street, Royal Oak

This hotspot is known for its innovative approach to Mexican cuisine. Mesa Tacos + Tequila artfully incorporates mint into several cocktails, offering a refreshing contrast to the rich flavors of their tacos and other entrees. Start with a simple mojito, dress it up with one of the many fruit flavor options, or choose a different elevated beverage. The Raspberry Mint margarita is another great choice, made with fresh mint, raspberry-infused Monte Alban, Cointreau, and fresh lemon and lime. On the craft cocktail menu, you’ll find the Algo Rosa, made with Tito’s, lime, raspberry liqueur, and mint.