Decadent Desserts: A Chocolate Lover’s Dream

By: Carolyn Hall | December 26, 2023
Homemade Sweet Chocolate Cupcakes with Dark Frosting on Top

Indulging in chocolate desserts is a timeless pleasure that transcends age, culture, and cuisine. In this delectable exploration, we dive into the rich and diverse world of chocolate desserts, where the versatility of chocolate shines in an array of sweet creations. From classic chocolate cakes and decadent truffles to innovative chocolate-infused pastries, these places have it all. Whether you’re a chocolate connoisseur or a casual sweet tooth, this journey through the realm of chocolate desserts promises to inspire and satisfy your cravings. 


1260 Woodward Heights, Ferndale

Birmingham Chocolate specializes in handcrafted bonbons, including truffles, creams, caramels, clusters, and gourmet bonbons​​. Creative Director and Lead Chocolatier, Ashley Cook shares, “Birmingham Chocolate is a Michigan confectionery company founded and incorporated as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in 2007 by Douglas Cafe. The company produces chocolates in three categories: bonbons, bars, and treats. We strive to be the best not only in taste but also presentation. We also have a more gourmet or luxury brand called Wow!Cacao, where you’ll find our collections of bonbons with more creative designs and adventurous flavors…” Wow!Cacao bonbons can be purchased in assorted boxes, from the signature collection, to a nut-free box, or even one inspired by craft cocktails, with flavors like Irish Coffee, Mai Tai, Tequila Sunrise, and more all represented in a bite-sized confection. 

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boxes of assorted bonbons from Birmingham Chocolate
Photo courtesy of Birmingham Chocolate


Multiple locations in Metro Detroit

Specializing in artisan chocolates, Bon Bon Bon creates a range of unique chocolates by hand using the freshest ingredients. Each chocolate is bite-sized and full of flavor. You can purchase the bonbons in sets of six, with quite a range of flavors to choose from. The flavors often reflect the season, but you’re likely to enjoy the classic options that stick around too. Some of the classics include Bumpy, made with a fudgy chocolate cake cream and buttercream frosting, Hazel-What?, with a milk chocolate hazelnut gianduja, toasted hazelnut, and flaky salt, and Cherry Lux, made with Italian maraschino candied Michigan cherries and dark chocolate ganache. These confections are made with milk, dark, and white chocolate, as well as caramels, novelties, and allergen-friendly items. 


221 West Troy Street, Ferndale

This shop offers artisanal Belgian chocolates and other chocolate treats. Some specialties at Quix Chocolate include The DIY, a crispy praline with cream, Fireside, with Biscoff crumble, hazelnut, and vanilla in dark chocolate, and Valencia, made with crème of oranges, praline, and marzipan. Not sure where to start? Quix Chocolates offers assorted gift boxes in a variety of sizes. Additionally, you can order chocolate-covered dates, dried plums, pretzels, and more, or scoops of Guernsey’s milk or dark chocolate ice cream. 


20737 Mack Avenue, Grosse Pointe Woods

The Chocolate Bar Cafe is an old-fashioned soda fountain with Alinosi superfine chocolates and Guernsey Farms ice cream, along with fresh-baked cakes, cupcakes, and other treats. Some of the chocolate cake and cupcake flavors include Black Forest, Double Chocolate, and German Chocolate. You can also pick up brownies and chocolate-dipped fruit here as well. 


100 Erskine Street, Detroit 

Located in Brush Park, For the Love of Sugar has quite the selection of chocolate desserts. Owner Manal Hussein shares, “We offer some of the best desserts and coffee! All of my recipes are made from scratch and we take a lot of pride in creating some incredibly decadent desserts. Our most popular item and my favorite creation is our Matilda cake! It was inspired by the movie Matilda where the boy, Bruce, is forced to eat this ginormous chocolate cake. When I saw it, I said, ‘I want that!!!’ so I made it! We also have an incredible hot chocolate served with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles!” Other delectable treats include cosmic fudge brownies, Nutella macarons, and double chocolate chip cookies.

Matilda chocolate cakes from For the love of sugar
Photo courtesy of For the Love of Sugar


124 West 14 Mile Road, Birmingham

Blue Canary Confections offers a variety of freshly made chocolates, bread, bonbons, candies, pastries, and more​​. The baked goods and pastries are made fresh daily, with rotating flavors and selections available. As far as bonbons go, you can choose from the signature collection with flavors like Rose Quartz or Old Fashioned, the bold collection with items like the Raspberry Lemon or Rosemary Tepache, or one of the more seasonal offerings. Many of the bonbons are gluten-free or vegan as well.


Multiple locations in Metro Detroit

Treat Dreams is known for its innovative ice cream flavors and many include chocolate one way or another. Currently, the Grosse Pointe and Ferndale locations have ice cream flavors like double chocolate chip and hot chocolate. Grosse Pointe also has a peppermint brownie and a vegan chocolate peanut butter option, while Ferndale has vegan chocolate and green tea white chocolate chip ice creams. The menus rotate at each location, so be sure to check your local shop’s social media for the most updated version.


4240 Cass Avenue, Detroit

Cold Truth makes delicious vegan soft-serve from scratch and serves it in gluten-free waffle cones. The menu rotates frequently here as well, but its website and social media keep you up to date with the day’s available flavors. Currently, you can get chocolate deluxe soft-serve, chocolate drizzle that hardens, with toppings like crushed Oreo, Biscoff, graham crackers, or house-toasted coconut. Additionally, any flavor soft-serve can also be made into a milkshake. Chocolate lovers should definitely try the chocolate cookies and cream shake for a yummy treat.