Crepe Craze: Creations For Every Taste

By: Carolyn Hall | March 5, 2024
Plate two exquisite homemade crepes filled with almond cream and chocolate with chocolate threads covering.

Crepes, the delicate and versatile French delicacy, have woven their way into the culinary tapestry of many cultures, offering a delightful base for both savory and sweet fillings. In Metro Detroit, a variety of establishments have mastered the art of crepe making, each adding their unique twist to this classic dish. From bustling cafes to dessert shops, the area has an impressive lineup of spots where crepe lovers can indulge in their favorite treat. Which crepe will you try next?


317 South Washington Avenue, Royal Oak

Le Crêpe is a haven for those seeking authentic French crepes in Michigan. This charming spot specializes in both sweet and savory options, catering to breakfast, lunch, and dessert crowds. The chefs at Le Crêpe skillfully prepare each crepe to order, ensuring a perfect texture and flavor that transports diners straight to the streets of Paris with every bite. Le Crêpe boasts over 50 crepe options, ranging from the savory Spicy Chicken Truffle or the Sea Breeze with marinated shrimp to the sweet Peach Cobbler or Chocolate Eclair choices. 

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44621 Mound Road, Sterling Heights

Choco Mania Cafe is a one-of-its-kind European cafe in Michigan, offering a range of sweet treats, from rolled ice cream and sundae cups to milkshakes, and you guessed it, crepes. At Choco Mania Cafe, crepes arguably take center stage, with a menu that dazzles with both traditional and innovative fillings. The cafe’s passion for chocolate is evident, with a variety of crepes featuring decadent chocolate combinations, alongside fruit-filled options for a lighter treat. There are so many options, you’ll have a difficult time choosing just one! Their dedication to quality ingredients and meticulous preparation ensures every crepe served is a delightful experience for the taste buds. 

chocolate oreo crepes from choco mania cafe
Photo courtesy of Choco Mania Cafe


2934 Russell Street, Detroit

Found in Eastern Market on Tuesdays and the weekends, The French Cow offers a variety of crepes inspired by French culinary traditions. With a focus on offering fresh crepes to satisfy every taste and food allergy, the menu features a delightful mix of classic crepes, ensuring there’s always something to try. Order Tom’s Layover for a crepe with bacon, egg, Mexican cheese, and mixed peppers, or The California Trip for a flavor combination of Brie, spinach, strawberries, and walnuts. On the sweeter side, Paula’s Delight features hazelnut chocolate, almonds, and coconut while Tutti Frutti has bananas, blueberries, and powdered sugar. 


Multiple locations in Metro Detroit

Le Gelati, as eloquently described by Firas Allouch, Creative Director, is a cherished dessert shop in Michigan, known for its wide array of sweet treats since its establishment in 2013 by Yousef Khalaf, Hussein Saad, and Zeinab Cherkaoui. Though renowned for its ice cream, Le Gelati also offers a delightful selection of other treats. “La Gelati is not just famous for its ice cream; it also offers a delightful selection of crepes, waffles, shakes, drinks, and more. This family-owned and operated business prides itself on constant innovation and delivering the best possible experience to its customers. La Gelati’s popularity in Michigan is a testament to its commitment to quality, taste, and customer service.” As for crepes, you can get one in many forms: flat, rolled, as sushi, or as fettuccini. Each option is very customizable, with choices of soft serve or gelato, sprinkles, syrups, fruit, and other delicious toppings. 

crepe sushi from le gelati dipped with white and milk chocolate sauce
Photo courtesy of La Gelati


119 West Auburn Road, Rochester Hills

A Taste of Europe Crepes brings a continental flair to the crepe scene, offering an array of European-inspired fillings. From the rich, savory crepes filled with cheese and ham to the sweet delights topped with Nutella and fresh fruit, there’s a crepe to satisfy every craving. This spot is offering a slice of European culinary tradition, right here in Metro Detroit. Start your day off with one of the various breakfast crepes, stop in for a savory crepe for lunch (think buffalo chicken or beefy cheese), or finish the day with a dessert crepe. Options include Caramel Apple Pie, Biscoff, S’mores, and Strawberry Shortcake crepes. 


13348 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn

Mokaccino Cafe blends the art of coffee making with the craft of crepe preparation, creating a perfect destination for those looking to enjoy a delicious crepe alongside a cup of expertly brewed coffee. The cafe’s menu features a simple range of crepes, from cookies and cream to more savory concoctions with tomato and mozzarella cheese. Mokaccino Cafe’s warm and welcoming atmosphere makes it a favorite spot for a leisurely breakfast or an afternoon treat. Outside of coffee and crepes, Mokiccino Cafe is a great spot for smoothie bowls and it also has a Boba Tea Bar.