Curries Of The City: Indian Cuisine Gems

By: Carolyn Hall | February 3, 2024
table spread from Charminar Biryani House with rice, chicken and vegetable dishes,and bowls of various soups, sauces, and sides

Photo courtesy of Charminar Biryani House

Metro Detroit’s culinary scene is a vibrant mosaic of international flavors, and Indian cuisine holds a special place in this colorful tapestry. With a blend of traditional recipes and innovative twists, local Indian eateries are bringing the rich and diverse tastes of India to the Metro Detroit area. For those looking for a new favorite, follow this journey to explore some of the area’s most notable Indian restaurants throughout Metro Detroit…


3059 Rochester Road, Troy

111 West Warren Avenue, Detroit

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1226 Griswold Street, Detroit

At Charminar Biryani House, authenticity is the key. With three locations across Troy and Detroit, this restaurant prides itself on offering traditional Indian dishes. Kay Ahmed, reflecting on the journey thus far, shares, “Growing up in the city, we always wanted to bring authentic Indian food to the area. We found our opportunity in 2020 and began our new venture. Things have been great, and we are so glad to be a part of this amazing city!” Try one of the biryani choices, ranging from chicken and lamb to vegetable and paneer options that are all layered in basmati rice and spices. 

plate with rice, chicken, naan, and more from Charminar biryani house - indian cuisine
Photo courtesy of Charminar Biryani House


180 West Nine Mile Road, Ferndale

Star of India is highly recommended throughout Metro Detroit, placing in several competitions for Indian cuisine. It is known for its dedication to traditional Indian cooking methods and recipes. This restaurant is a star in its own right, offering a menu that ranges from Tandoori specialties to Indo-Chinese cuisine. Stick with the classics like chicken tikka masala and curry with your choice of protein, or try an item from the menu you’ve never had before. From spicy dishes to comforting ones, Star of India has it all.


Multiple locations in Metro Detroit

For over 10 years, Noorjahan Indian Cuisine has offered an excellent dining experience with its array of dishes. The food here comes from traditional Indian cooking styles with a mix of a Western influence. There is a large range of different curries to choose from, including goat, lamb, coconut chicken, and more, but also a vast selection of dairy and nut-free dishes. If you can’t decide on just one dish, head over for the lunch buffet and find a few new favorites! Additionally, the staff welcomes requests for samples if you want to try a taste, and you can watch naan being made while you visit. 


45490 Ford Road, Canton

Pizzawala’s stands out with its innovative fusion of Indian flavors and America’s favorite comfort food – pizza. Dipali Patel, CMO, highlights their innovative approach, “At Pizzawala’s, we provide a unique and authentic take on pizza.” Some new options include New York and Detroit styles, with flavor profiles like Pizzawala’s signature paneer tikka and chicken tikka pizzas. With menu items like vegetable puffs with potato and pea masala and tandoori wings, Pizzawala’s is a great way to experience Indian-inspired flavors paired with classic American dishes. For even more pizza options, we’ve got you covered with spots throughout Metro Detroit here

butter chicken pizza with chocjen, green peppers, onions, and more from pizzawalla's - indian cuisine
Photo courtesy of Pizzawala’s


22266 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn

The Himalayan Flames offers a culinary journey through the flavors associated with the Himalayas. Its menu features dishes inspired by the mountainous regions of India and its neighbors, offering a unique blend of spices and cooking techniques with dishes of Indian, Nepali, and Tibetan cuisine. The menu is divided by the regions’ flavors, with sections from the ‘Snowy Himalayas’ to the ‘Taste of the South’. From savory gobi (fried cauliflower) to rich thukpa (noodle soup), each dish at The Himalayan Flames is a testament to the diverse culinary landscape of the areas represented while being deliciously filling and flavorful. 


29205 Orchard Lake Road, Farmington Hills

India Flavors takes pride in its wide array of traditional Indian dishes made with fresh ingredients. India Flavors offers an upscale dining experience in its lounge-like atmosphere. This spot prepares Indian dishes that mix traditional and contemporary flavors to provide an immersive dining experience.  From richly flavored curries to freshly baked naan bread, each dish is prepared with a careful balance of spices, with the daily lunch buffet being a must.