Detroit Ento Looks to the Future of Food with Insect Protein

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | March 18, 2019
Detroit Ento

Photo Courtesy of Detroit Ento.

We are always trying to keep you up to date with the latest food trends around Metro Detroit; whether that’s exciting pacific rim dishes, healthy water alternatives, or new adventurous dishes.

One food trend might seem peculiar, but is actually starting to garner some attention around Metro Detroit and the world, is insect protein. Insect protein has been around for a long time, but it has caught the eye of nutritionists as being the perfect way to get more protein in a smaller portion.

According to studies, insects have numerous health benefits beyond just protein. They also provide plenty of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Detroit Ento is working to educate Metro Detroiters on these facts.

Detroit Ento is the city’s first sustainable protein prototyping firm. They raise their seed year round and focus on locally reared insects for food, along with feed and pharma. The founder of Detroit Ento, Anthony Hatinger, said that the organization’s main goal is to make sure that the next generation is acclimated to new food production as the world population continues to grow.

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“Changing consumer diets now is incredibly important because when we have to eat this as a staple in the future, it doesn’t frighten them,” Hatinger said. “Even protein powder in smoothies and baked goods can help people realize all of the benefits of insect protein.”

Hatinger has spoken at numerous events about the benefits of insect proteins and what Detroit Ento is doing to inform people on its benefits. In 2018 alone the organization exhibited at the Forbes AgTech Summit, spoke at the Horatio Alger Alumni Summit, and was featured in Tech Town Detroit’s Toast of the Town video. Hatinger believes in informing everyone of the benefits and why it’s important.

Detroit Ento Insect Protein

Photo Courtesy of Detroit Ento

“We have to start producing food that retains resources and contain nutrients. [Insect protein] is part of a sustainable diet and is environmentally friendly,” Hatinger said.

Detroit Ento is following up their busy 2018 with an even busier 2019 as they continue to grow. They’ll be at Decentralized Detroit on March 22, were accepted to speak at the Michigan Good Food Fund Brand Story Accelerator on April 11, and will also be at Sustainable Brands starting on June 3.

You can buy Detroit Ento products at Western Market in Ferndale, and soon at Rocky’s in Eastern Market. The organization is currently searching for investors along with aiming to secure a warehouse where they can fully produce cricket protein and become a staple in Detroit’s urban agricultural landscape.

For more information on everything Detroit Ento has going on and upcoming events, be sure to visit the official website, Facebook page, and Instagram.