Detroit Markets That Will Take Your Cooking to the Next Level

By: Aaron B. Cohen | February 26, 2021
Local Food Markets - Chevy In the D

Photo courtesy of Honey Bee La Colmena.

Necessity really is the mother of invention. After a year of limited dining options, Detroiters are enjoying a newfound prowess in the kitchen. While most restaurants have reopened at limited capacity, many are opting to continue their culinary exploration at home. Of course, restaurant-quality results require restaurant-quality ingredients. These Detroit markets provide the components necessary to whip up five-star meals in your PJs.

Honey Bee La Colmena

A Southwest staple, Honey Bee has provided Detroiters with fresh produce, meat and seafood since 1956. Frequented by a loyal community base, the market offers a surplus of quality Hispanic food products including their famous, house-made guacamole and tamales. While many chain grocery stores have cut pay and hours for their employees, Honey Bee has received praise for their handling of the pandemic, offering a surprise week of paid time off for its employees last May. Feel good about supporting a business that supports its community.

Noble Fish

Located in rapidly-developing downtown Clawson, Noble Fish has established itself as one of the best sushi restaurants in southeastern Michigan. The reason is simple – their seafood is a cut above the rest. Other notable Detroit sushi spots source their fish from this small-but-mighty institution. Along with a full sushi bar, Noble Fish functions as a Japanese market and seafood vendor, offering the option to purchase whole fish at reasonable prices. For home chefs looking to take their seafood preparation to the next level, start with the highest quality ingredients and build from there. You’ll be amazed by the final result.


Already established as one of Detroit’s hottest new restaurants, Marrow also offers a full-service butcher shop. They operate on the philosophy that “when good butchers buy good meat from good farms, you can trust the results.” Along with mouthwatering steaks, chops, smoked meats and deli products, Marrow offers a monthly subscription service – the Marrow Meat Club – to streamline your routine and expand your palate. Don’t settle for chain store, pre-packaged meat. Once you try Marrow, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing.

Eastern Market

For more than 150 years, Eastern Market has provided the city of Detroit with the freshest farm-to-table options available. It’s the reason that countless local restaurants rely on them for nearly all of their ingredients. With dozens of vendors selling everything from produce to honey to meat to soap, it’s feasible that you might never need to go anywhere else. But it’s not just about what’s for sale – the market is surrounded by numerous Detroit culinary and retail institutions, including Supino’s Pizza, the legendary Bert’s Marketplace & Jazz Club, and Detroit vs. Everybody. There is nothing more quintessential Detroit than an entire Saturday or Sunday spent taking part in the living history of one of the most iconic markets in Detroit.