Spectacular Sushi Spreads

March 14, 2024
plates of sushi rolls from NARA

Photo courtesy of NARA

In Metro Detroit, sushi is a favorite for many, drawing from traditional Japanese techniques and flavors. Amidst the wide array of dining options, several establishments stand out, each offering unique takes on this dish. Traditionally prepared with rice, some kind of seafood, and a variety of vegetables, the chefs who create it have a level of creativity when preparing it. Each restaurant crafts sushi into an art form to be celebrated by connoisseurs and casual diners alike. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a curious newcomer, let’s dive into some of the spots for sushi around Metro Detroit…


45 East 14 Mile Road, Clawson

Noble Fish has been a classic in Metro Detroit, opening its doors 40 years ago. Noble Fish offers a variety of sushi and other food at its market, which is traditionally Japanese cuisine. It’s known for its sizable portions, enjoyable for groups looking for high-quality seafood. Whether it’s the classic California roll or more adventurous offerings like the Futomaki Roll (featuring an egg omelet, crab stick, carrot, cucumber, and pickled squash) or the Spider Roll (deep-fried soft-shell crab, cucumber, smelt roe, and spicy mayo), every bite is a testament to their passion for delicious sushi.

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160 West Fort Street, Detroit

This visually stunning restaurant also has striking food and sake, making it one of Detroit’s most popular sushi stops. Maru Sushi & Grill brings a modern twist to traditional sushi in Detroit’s downtown area. Maru’s menu covers everything you’ll want to eat and more, including sharing plates, happy hour, and a wide array of signature rolls. Some of the popular shareable options from Maru are the Firecracker shrimp, roasted shishito peppers, and Maru’s fried rice, which features roasted purple cauliflower, sautéed shiitake, roasted pepper, scallion, egg, and yum yum sauce. One fun signature dish is the Sexy Bacon, which features smoked bacon, crab stick, tempura crunch, garlic eel sauce, and a creamy garlic sauce. Another is the Nirvana rolls, with tempura smoked salmon, crab salad, avocado, cream cheese, eel sauce, honey wasabi aioli, masago, and scallion. 


5656 West Maple Road, West Bloomfield Township

For an award-winning Sushi Lounge and Hibachi Steakhouse experience, you’ll want to check out NARA. “Our very own Head Sushi Chef Wayne Huynh, an expert sushi chef, or Itamae, has been hand-crafting sushi rolls at NARA since its inception, and before that, Chef had decades of experience perfecting his craft,” shares the NARA team. “From his creative mind to your classic favorites, Chef Wayne and NARA offer a vast array of premium and fresh Sushi, Nigiri, and Sashimi. On Tuesdays, NARA hosts “Sushi Tuesday” — A twist on traditional Tuesday savings, where Sushi and Sake are half off in the Lounge.” Sushi can be ordered by different kinds of rolls, or presented in a sushi boat with chef selections to share. The serene ambiance and exquisite food make Nara an ideal spot for a special night out.


5365 Crooks Road, Troy

Shiromaru introduces a fusion of flavors that challenge norms. With 15 years of experience in restaurants specializing in authentic sushi, Chef and Owner Jasmeet Singh has curated quite the menu for guests. Singh shares, “We are a Japanese ramen restaurant featuring our most loved very authentic Japanese Tonkostu ramen. We also do sushi, both everyday classics and house specialty rolls.” The menu features innovative rolls that incorporate unexpected ingredients like the Chicken Teriyaki, made with deep-fried avocado and cream cheese before being topped with chicken teriyaki, spicy mayo, and sriracha, or the Citrus Crunch, with spicy white tuna, jalapeno, and cilantro, topped with tuna, yellow tail, lemon slices, and wasabi. The ramen and rice bowls are not to be missed either. The vibrant atmosphere and daring dishes make Shiromaru a destination for those looking to explore.


42705 Grand River Avenue, Novi

Be prepared for a grand experience at this one-stop shopping site in Novi. This marketplace is huge inside with a full Japanese grocery store attached to the restaurant. One World Market has been a Novi staple for almost 30 years and offers both traditional and unique rolls. Sushi is available from the grab-and-go cooler and can be ordered ahead of time online. Nigiri options include eel, octopus, and white tuna, to name a few. It also has veggie roll options with ingredients like cucumber, avocado, pickled radish, and asparagus. Some of the special rolls include Red Wing, made with shrimp tempura, avocado, and spicy tuna, or Rainbow, with crab salad, cucumber, tuna, salmon, tilapia, shrimp, yellowtail, and avocado for a colorful experience. Regardless of your choice, the chefs behind the counter artfully prepare each roll and nigiri, ensuring a fresh and flavorful experience. The casual setting is a must-visit for sushi lovers.


326 West 4th Street, Royal Oak

Ronin has a chic yet cozy ambiance that matches its sophisticated sushi offerings. Known for its creative rolls and commitment to freshness, Ronin provides a dining experience that is both stylish and satisfying. The attentive service and expertly crafted sushi make Ronin a standout in the Metro Detroit scene. Some of the specialty maki available is the Mountain Dew roll, with asparagus, shiitake mushrooms, and sweet potato, the BLT roll that features a garlic aioli, and the Sea Monster roll that has shrimp and avocado topped with seared salmon, seaweed, sesame, spicy sauce, and masago. 

This article has been updated to include new information. The original article was published on March 20, 2020, and was authored by Karen Dybis.