Feed Your Passion: Metro Detroit Cooking Classes to Hone Your Skills

June 9, 2023
students observe chef explain methods in the kitchen

Are you someone who has no idea when a piece of meat is cooked enough to be able to eat? Or maybe you are having a hard time perfecting your French macaron recipe? Cooking brings out a wide variety of skill sets in people, from complete beginners to professionals in the industry. Here in Metro Detroit, we have some incredible cooking schools for just about anyone showing an interest in learning their way around a kitchen. Whether you’re a newbie to cooking and just want to learn some basic recipes, a semi-pro looking to sharpen up on some new skills, or someone looking for a new career, these Metro Detroit Cooking Schools are ready to teach you the ins and outs of making incredible food. 

Great Lakes Culinary Center

24101 West Nine Mile Road, Southfield

Great Lakes Culinary Center is a state-of-the-art test kitchen and events venue in Southfield. They have all the latest and greatest kitchen equipment and allow chefs and the Detroit community to come try it out. With the ability to host up to 150 people, it’s a great place for chefs or aspiring cooks to test out their recipes for a crowd. The Great Lakes Culinary Center also offers cooking classes and themed dinners to the general public.

Detroit Institute of Gastronomy

2211 Gratiot Avenue, Detroit

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Detroit Institute of Gastronomy (DIG) is an apprenticeship program where students work (while getting paid) with a Chef-Mentor to build their skills in the culinary industry. While they are working, student-apprentices attend classes online. “We feel that apprenticeship is the best way to learn culinary and through apprenticeship, students are exposed to the entire kitchen operation. This model eliminates barriers for students seeking full exposure to the culinary arts. There is a gender discrepancy between men and women in leadership roles in the kitchen and through DIG apprenticeship, we seek to provide the tools needed for females to advance quickly and take charge of culinary operations.” DIG is now enrolling for the next quarter start and this scholarship is available to all fully enrolled female apprentices with more scholarships available for all who enroll.

Chefs from Detroit Institute of Gastronomy
Photo courtesy of Detroit Institute of Gastronomy
classroom at Detroit Institute of Gastronomy
Classroom at Detroit Institute of Gastronomy

Mirepoix Cooking School

1203 South Main Street, Royal Oak 

Mirepoix Cooking School is located inside Holiday Market in Royal Oak and is known as a “culinary school without the commitment.” Each of their cooking classes is taught by an experienced chef and you get to have hands-on experience creating dishes with high-quality ingredients. They host several in-person events each week ranging from pasta to sushi. Mirepoix also offers team-building events such as The Duel where two teams go head to head in a fun culinary battle. These events are perfect for groups of friends or office team building.

The Kitchen by Cooking with Que

6529 Woodward Avenue, Suite A, Detroit

The Kitchen by Cooking with Que is Detroit’s only demonstration kitchen and culinary shared space that is designed to bring people together and teach them about food. The space holds two kitchens: one for lunch and live demonstrations and the other as a shared-use rental kitchen for culinary experts. Cooking classes happen on several dates each month and are open to all ages. Depending on the class, refreshments may be provided, but you are free to bring your own beverages.

ZeeTheCook Culinary School

ZeeTheCook was founded in 2015 by Zee Moussa with the goal of helping others learn important life skills through cooking in the kitchen. The school evolved over time to include corporate team building through cooking classes, remote cooking classes, and classes for kids to not only teach cooking skills but also safety in the kitchen. At the present moment, the brick-and-mortar establishment is temporarily closed as ZeeTheCook is taking her classes and team building worldwide to help reach as many people as she possibly can.